Donna DeBerry
VP, Diversity and Outreach

Hi, this is Pat Lynch, your Vice President of Communications…and I’m here to introduce my friend and colleague Donna DeBerry, the NWPC Vice President of Diversity. It’s a big job, and Donna is just the lady to fill the bill. Let me share a little background about Donna…she now has her own company called Brand Inclusion…and works with some of the most exciting people in America. You may recognize some of her award-winning documentaries, such as “Walking the Waking Journey,” and “The Boys of Casa Hogar” which aired on “Oprah.” She’s working on another right now so keep your eyes open for her great work!

Prior to these fun assignments, Donna made history as a trailblazer and pioneer in the area of diversity by becoming the highest ranking African-American in the hotel and hospitality industry with Wyndham International, and she was also the first Vice President of Global Diversity for Nike. You can tell that Donna brings more than a willingness to broaden the diversity within the National Women’s Political Caucus. She brings the experience and a determination to have NWPC reflect diversity of thought, political persuasion, cultural experiences, economics -- special outreach to under-represented groups of women, to get them to take an active role in this organization and in their communities!

For NWPC, Donna has used her experience and talent to develop, shoot and produce a new video to introduce NWPC, taping each of the Executive Committee members and President Linda Young in that video to share their ideas and perception of NWPC. We will soon be sharing that video with all of our membership, and have it for use across the country in a variety of ways.

During the November Board meeting in California, during a discussion of the agenda item on Dues Structure, Donna stepped up and volunteered to chair an Ad Hoc Committee to collect input from caucuses across the country to find what caucuses really want and need from National in order to be most effective. Donna said that she felt strongly we would be better prepared and informed with a set of data collected from committee members and any caucus who would give feedback, so that the best decision for structuring dues for NWPC could be made. Several individuals present at the November Board meeting volunteered, and we know they will also reach out to invite more feedback, to help National best serve our membership.

We are indeed fortunate to be able to have Donna’s leadership in this important role! Welcome Donna DeBerry…Vice President of Diversity for our National Women’s Political Caucus.



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