Did You Know?

AudioAcrobat is one of the most flexible media services on the Web.  It can do any of the following:

  • Record
  • Publish
  • Stream
  • Upload
  • Download

Record audios with your telephone or your computer microphone!  Also record videos using your webcam!

Publish audios and videos to your Websites, email and social networks with custom players and themes!

Stream audio and video online to a worldwide audience!  HTML5 and Flash players now available!

Upload audio and video files to AudioAcrobat!  Manage your entire library in the cloud!

Download audio files as MP3's for editing and choose to send, sell or share your audio files using MP3 Download Links!

There are many solutions just waiting to be discovered through the use of AudioAcrobat!  Here are a few that we've had the pleasure of seeing (and hearing) recorded, produced and distributed first-hand by our members:

  • Voicemail
  • File Delivery
  • Audio Tutorials
  • Affiliate Income
  • Music Downloads
  • Landing Page Audio
  • Cloud Music Storage
  • On-Location Interviews
  • On-Demand Internet Radio
  • Free Newsletter Signup Gifts
  • Website Welcome Messages
  • Coaching Session Recordings
  • Celebrity Interview Recordings
  • A Cappella Poetry Recordings
  • Client Testimonial Recordings
  • Real Estate Listing Previews
  • Conference Call Recordings
  • Infinite Streaming Playlists
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Telephone Interviews
  • Podcast RSS Feeds
  • Audio Note Taking
  • Sales Page Audio
  • Video Tutorials
  • Film Trailers
  • Radio IDs

Player Themes Are Cool!

Player Themes are cool because they allow you to customize and reuse audio and video player templates for extremely quick, well-groomed publishing.  This is really helpful if you have a site design you're attempting to match and want to use the same settings for a series of future posts.  They're also supported on both Android and iOS ... that's pretty cool! 

Download Links Are Cool!

Download Links are cool because they can be sent, shared or sold to anyone and will permit recipients to download specified MP3 files to their computer's hard drive, which can then be edited, burned to CD or transferred to portable devices for playback on the go.  They also make a player pop up when shared on Facebook ... that's pretty cool! 

Sizzle Lines Are Cool!

Sizzle Lines are cool because you can take any audio that exists within your account and assign it to a telephone number which anyone in the world can dial-in to listen to.  Anyone who missed the meeting or was outside goofing off during the conference call can dial-in for playback.  Musicians can even post demos, songs or mixes and let fans leave their feedback immediately after listening ... that's pretty cool!

Campaign Themes Are Cool!

Campaign Themes are cool because instead of sharing just audio, you can now upload a custom logo and background image, select background, foreground and text colors and place social sharing buttons within reach of your listeners' mouse cursors.  We even found room to include a couple well-placed Affiliate URL's on the page so our members can make more money ... that's pretty cool!

Podcasts Are Cool!

Podcasts are cool because, similar to blogs, they use RSS (Real Simple Syndication) Feeds as the primary method of delivering the audio or video enclosure to the subscriber.  It is like producing you own radio or TV show and unveiling new episodes.  You can even submit your Podcast RSS Feed to iTunes, the largest aggregator of Podcasts worldwide ... that's pretty cool!

Video Is Cool!

Video is cool because you can use a Webcam to record videos LIVE into your account or upload any of the following file types:

  • MOV - QuickTime Movie
  • MP4 - MPEG-4
  • FLV - Flash Video
  • AVI - Audio Video Interleave
  • WMV - Windows Media Video
  • MOD - JVC, Canon, Panasonic 
You can even share Video Download Links ... that's pretty cool!

Would you like to ask our support team any questions?



AudioAcrobat Features

Watch a short video on our New Features


AudioAcrobat is one of the most feature-rich media solutions for Websites, blogs, email, newsletters and podcasters available today! Make your Websites come alive with audio and video! Be social and share on your favorite social networks! 

Below you will find an extraordinary list of available features which we encourage you to compare to any other service. If you can find a feature that we do not offer, tell us about it. If it's added, you'll receive a month for free!

  • Effortlessly Record Audios -- Anytime, Anywhere
    • Record any phone call -- conference calls, interviewscoaching sessions + more!
    • Use the built-in Audio Web Recorder and record using your computer microphone!
    • Upload your own audio recordings and productions!
  • Record Conference Calls, Coaching Sessions And Interviews
    • Use three-way calling to record any telephone conversation you're taking part in!
    • Record coaching sessions, interviews, teleseminars, conference calls and notes all in one place!
    • Each three-way recording can be up to four (4) hours -- 240 minutes -- in length!
    • Use your favorite bridge line service to host a conference call for others to join while you record!

Watch a short video on the above feature

  • Audio Web Recorder
    • Cloud-recording technology allows you to record high quality audios directly into your online account!
    • Use a Flash-enabled internet browser and a computer microphone and you're in business!
    • Ask us where to purchase inexpensive and effective microphones + equipment ... we can help!

Why use this feature? | How to use this feature?

  • Upload Audio Files
    • Upload MP3, WAV, AIFF, M4A or any other non-DRM audio files!
    • Use your favorite audio editing software to create professional audio mixes -- then upload!
    • Ask us about resources like royalty-free sounds, music and talent to help you create the perfect mix!

Watch a short video on the above feature

  • MP3 Download
    • Allow others to download to their computers, portable devices and cell phones -- plays on iOS!
    • Deliver MP3 files to audio editing professionals, transcribers and CD replicators!
    • Integrate with PayPal and your favorite auto-responder to sell your audios!

Watch a short video on the above feature

  • Infinite Playlists
    • Create infinitely -- there's no limit to how many audios you can add or how long a Playlist can be!
    • Arrange audio recordings in the order of your preference -- like tracks on a CD or iTunes playlists!
    • Sequence your Playlists with intros, outros, chapters, commercials and segues like the pros!

Watch a short video on the above feature

  • Watch An AudioAcrobat Perform Video Magic
    • Use a webcam to record LIVE into your online account!
    • Upload commercials, trailers, tutorials, home movies and more -- be creative!
    • Publish video players and themes using powerful custom branding overlays and clickable links!
    • Create, save and manage custom Player Themes to elegantly showcase your videos!
  • Video Web Recorder
    • Cloud-recording technology allows you to record videos directly into your online account!
    • Use a Flash-enabled internet browser and a webcam and you're in business!
    • Ask us where to purchase inexpensive and effective webcams + equipment ... we can help!

Why use this feature? | How to use this feature?

  • Upload Video Files
    • Upload Video files in standard formats such as MOV, MP4, M4V, FLV, AVI, WMV + More!
    • Use your favorite video editing software to create professional video productions -- then upload!
    • Ask us about resources like stock footage, music and talent to help you create the perfect production

Watch a short video on the above feature

  • Creative Audio Publishing With Player Themes
    • Fast Forward / Rewind, Elapsed Time and Volume controls are standard!
    • Customize Player Theme style, color and controls -- publish to any Website(s) or blog(s) you like!
    • 99% of all internet-enabled desktops already play AudioAcrobat -- there's nothing to install!
    • HTML5 players replace Flash when streaming to iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

Watch a short video on the above feature

  • Take Player Theme Publishing To The Next Level with Video
    • Configurable Fullscreen, Fade Type and Delay options are standard!
    • Convert viewers to sales with custom 'call to action' links right inside the player!
    • Design and upload your own custom branding -- your viewers will remember who you are!
    • HTML5 players replace Flash when streaming to iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

Watch a short video on the above feature

  • Playback Audio By Phone With Sizzle Lines
    • Select any audio from your account and assign it to a telephone number -- let others dial-in to listen!
    • Allow your callers to leave a message after listening! Choose to be notified by email as well!
    • Fully customize your branding with Private Numbers!

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  • Record Personal Audio By Phone
    • Dial-in to the AudioCenter from anywhere in the world -- works with cellphones, cordless + VoIP!
    • Each Personal Audio can be up to one (1) hour -- 60 minutes -- in length!
    • Secure member login using each account's unique 9-digit PIN -- complete privacy!

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  • Listen To And Replace Your Audios By Phone
    • Dial-in to listen to and replace your audios using any phone -- works with any phone!
    • Changes to your audios will be updated instantly anywhere they're published -- no code swapping!

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  • Produce Podcasts
    • Gain visibility and subscribers by submitting your Podcast to iTunes and other popular directories!
    • Schedule future posts to be released at a predetermined date and time -- work while you sleep!
    • Create as many Podcasts and add as many audio or video posts as you like to each RSS Feed!  
    • Auto-syndicate your Podcast(s) to a dozen directories -- set once and forget!

Watch a short video on the above feature

  • AudioNotes -- Personal, Professional And Business Landing Pages
    • Send out custom AudioNotes to your contacts -- even add your own graphics, logos and photos!
    • Create embedded forms to capture and convert leads in just a single click!
    • Add PayPal buttons and links to engage in e-commerce and make money using AudioNotes!
    • Choose from a variety of templates or create a customized theme using your own branding!

Watch a short video on the above feature

  • Create Custom Social Media Campaign Themes
    • Let your viewers share on Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon and other popular social networks!
    • Add your own branding for everyone to see by uploading custom logo and background images!
    • Further stylize Campaign Themes with custom foreground, background and text colors!
    • Generate passive income with already-included Affiliate URL's in each Campaign Theme!

Watch a short video on the above feature

  • Powerful Statistics
    • Real-time statistics on the usage of your audios and videos -- including bandwidth and storage!
    • Click to view # of plays, plays to completion, total playtime, average playtime and # of downloads!
    • Bandwidth Usage by File breaks bandwidth usage down into easily-readable graphs and charts!
  • Unlimited Web, Blog And Social Media Publishing
    • Place as many audio and video links and players on as many Websites and blogs as you like!
    • Share directly to your favorite social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon and more!
    • Featuring Premium Bandwidth! Never force your audience to refresh the page to listen or watch!
  • Easily Manage Your Audio And Video Recordings
    • Securely manage your audio and video recordings online -- in the cloud -- 24/7/365!
    • Dial-in to the AudioCenter with no additional surcharges to manage your audios by phone!
    • Create folders, delete audios and videos and visit your "Trash" to recover deleted media
    • Replace audios and videos in a variety of ways -- changes take effect immediately wherever published!
  • Audio And Video Version History
    • Each audio / video file maintains a complete version history which can be referred to at any time!
    • Revert to previously saved versions at any time -- never worry about losing any of your work!
  • Super Support
    • The AudioAcrobat Sales and Support Teams are responsive and friendly -- come see for yourself!
    • We're ready to answer any questions that may help you to become a true AudioAcrobat!
    • Pick our brains for a variety of ideas on how to take full advantage of your AudioAcrobat experience!
    • Free world-class interactive training classes -- join us live or download later -- very easy to learn!
  • Affiliate Program
    • AudioAcrobat pays an unprecedented 5% monthly commission on all active referrals!
    • View summary details in your online account for paid amounts, active referrals and commissions due!
    • Apply earned commissions to your monthly payment!
    • Market your AudioAcrobat Affiliate URL using powerful banner and button themes!

Watch a short video on the above feature

  • New Features Added Regularly
    • New features are in development, please ask about our beta program! Submit your feature requests!
    • All members will be notified by email when new features are on the way -- stay tuned for more!
    • Enjoy free access to tips, tricks, tutorials, reviews, ideas and opinions via the AudioAcrobat blog!
  • A Super Value For A Sensational Service
    • Basic Plan subscribers receive five (5) free gigabytes -- 5,000 megabytes -- of bandwidth per month! 
    • Additional bandwidth is only $1.00 per GIGABYTE (1GB = 1000MB) until your next bill date!
    • Enable / disable automatic bandwidth email alerts when your account's bandwidth limit is exceeded!
    • AudioAcrobat is available starting at just $19.95 (US) a month -- with no long-term commitment!
    • Choose other plans and upgrade your media marketing power!