Create and Promote Online Radio Shows that Achieve Result$

Part 1: Create Your Radio Show

Tactics covered in this session:

  • Carefully selecting topics to attract new audiences and provide lasting value to loyal followers
  • Targeting online / mobile listeners and tailoring episode formats to their wants and needs
  • Best practices for preparation, coaching and recording yourself and your guests
  • Setting yourself up for success in editing and post-production

Part 2: Publish and Promote Your Radio Show

Tactics covered in this session:

  • Implementing easy SEO strategies to ensure your radio show will be found in search engines
  • Maximizing listenership through a variety of publishing platforms
  • Harnessing the power of social media with strategies that save time and expand visibility
  • Unlocking the full potential of the #1 social network (which you may already be using)

Podcast Power!

Place your Audio + Video In Front of the World's Largest Audience: iTunes

Discover the simplicity of RSS feeds, how to increase your PR virality, the beauty of revenue generation and how to pack the most punch into your productions ... all in under an hour!

Landing Pages: Lead Capture, eCommerce + More!

Create Professional, Branded Landing Pages w/AudioAcrobat

Designing a professional, branded landing page which includes audio, video, images, eCommerce, newsletter signup and just about anything else you can imagine has never been easier!

Create Money Making, Call-To-Action Videos!

Engage Passive Viewers and Increase Sales via Video

Don't let your viewers leave the page without getting excited about your brand AND taking action.

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