Broken by Patricia Haley
Chosen started the war.  Destined rekindled the family feud, which blended sibling rivalry, marital problems, corporate intrigue, and a bit of romance.  Then comes Broken, where the bitter family war between the two half brothers and their mothers subsides, until the estranged sister unexpectedly returns home, secretly intending to wage her own war regardless of who gets hurt. 
This modern tale of biblical kings David and Solomon ends with a shocking revelation, forcing the Mitchell family to remember what’s important. This modern-day interpretation will keep readers riveted until the stunning conclusion, when the entire fate of a family rests on their ability and willingness to forgive. Look for Anointed (2012).
Genre: Faith-based Drama Series;  Read first 3 chapters, click here.
Topics: Sibling rivalry, marital challenges, corporate intrigue, and a bit of romance!

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•ISBN-10: 1416580646
•ISBN-13: 9781416580645

About the Author
is the award winning, Essence #1 bestselling author of eight faith-based novels, including her latest series with Broken, Destined, and Chosen . She’s a full-time senior project manager with an engineering degree from Stanford University and an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago . She is a born again believer and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Patricia lives with her loving husband, Jeffrey, and their beautiful daughter in the Chicago area.

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Intimate Conversation with Patricia Haley


PATRICIA HALEY is the award winning, Essence #1 bestselling author of eight faith-based novels, including her latest series with Broken, Destined, and Chosen. She’s a full-time senior project manager with an engineering degree from Stanford University and an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago . She is a born again believer and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Patricia lives with her loving husband, Jeffrey, and their beautiful daughter in the Chicago area.
BPM: What books or authors made a difference in your life?
Two books have especially impacted me over the years. I read “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” by Dr. Maya Angelou when I was in the 8th grade. I was intrigued to see a little black girl on the cover. In the early seventies, there weren’t a lot of books out there written by and about us, African-American women.
The second book is “This Present Darkness” by Frank Peretti  (my all time favorite) which was the first faith-based novel that I read. It was a page turner and I was amazed at how the book could be so entertaining while incorporating a heavy dose of religious themes. When I finished the 400+ page book in less than a week, I was hooked. It forever changed my prayer life and what I look for in novels. I guess, in a way,  my novels mesh the two with African-American characters and faith-based themes. You could say that I write what I enjoy reading.
BPM: What are some of the benefits of being an author that makes it all worthwhile?
My purpose for writing is to glorify God while entertaining and reaching every single person that needs to be encouraged and/or inspired.  So, as an author, I am blessed to hear many stories about readers who have been encouraged, positively impacted, or genuinely entertained by my books. There is no greater satisfaction for me than knowing someone’s day has been improved or faith strengthened as a result of my writing. It makes the literary journey worthwhile for me.

I’ll never forget a specific situation. I was doing a literary event in Ohio. Everyone had purchased books and I was ready to leave. A young lady came up to me and said she couldn’t afford a book but wanted me to sign her postcard. Instead I felt led to give her a book and told her to send me the money later. Honestly, once I left, I didn’t expect to hear from her again. Exactly a year later, I got a card with the money inside. She noted that I had met her at the lowest point in her life, at a time when she needed someone to believe in her. When I gave her the book on faith, it lifted her spirits.  I don’t always give away books. I sure am glad that I did that day. Encouraging others, that’s what it’s all about for me.
BPM: How would a new writer get started writing a manuscript for the first time?
I'm often asked how to get starting writing a manuscript. After years of writing and committing to diligently improve my craft, I can honestly say that the best way to get started is simply to put the first word on the paper. It's as simple as taking one step. Don't worry about the editing, grammar, how the book will get published, who's coming to your first book signing or what the sequel will entail. Don't get caught up with the many roadblocks (often times quite legitimate reasons why you can't get going.) Press forward. If you have a burning need to write, then I challenge you to pursue your calling and write that someone else might be inspired, encouraged, or blessed by your efforts.
If your goal is to either get published or to self-publish, my advice is to do your homework. Writing is the creative side. Publishing is all about business.
You can quote me on this. "The only commonality between any two successful authors is not the quality of their writing, or the genre, or the story line, or their marketing plan.  The only commonality is that they finished their manuscripts. Will you be among that list of successful authors?"   To each new writer, I say, "Take care and be blessed."
BPM: If you were not a writer, what would you be?
I was a businesswoman long before I started writing, and I still am. I’ve been fortunate enough to balance dual careers simultaneously by the grace of God.
BPM: What are you passionate about, besides writing books?
Writing is my gift, and I do it to the glory of God. Budgeting, working with numbers, and planning are my passions. Yes, I’m one of those weird people who actually uses algebra in my everyday life. I love doing budgets and would work a job for free, if they wanted me to work with numbers all day or put together plans. Fortunately for me, I do get paid. God is awesome.
BPM: Introduce us to your latest book, Broken,  and the main characters. Do you have any favorites? What genre is the book? On Kindle or Nook?
Dave Mitchell (the father) abandons his wife, business partner, and children for a younger woman, Sherry. They have a son name Joel, who the father chooses years later to be CEO of the multi-million dollar family ministry.  Madeline, the first wife, and her oldest son (Don) are outraged because they feel like the rightful heirs.  An all out war erupts between the wives and the brothers with the father in the middle.   Of course there’s always an element of love lurking.   So it is with Abigail, the young business executive finds herself torn between the two brothers due to her love for Joel and deep friendship with Don.

Broken is definitely in the drama category with a faith-based twist and a splash of romance. It’s available in E-book too. These characters were introduced in Chosen and maintain a strong presence in Destined.   Naledi from South Africa and Zarah from India also come onto the scene, adding a blend of corporate and romantic drama.  Oh, and we can’t forget about Tamara, the estranged daughter who left the family in Detroit seventeen years ago after a personal tragedy.  Tired of living on the run and nearly broke, she decides to come home and assume her rightful place in the multi-million dollar ministry. Saddled with bitterness from family wounds of the past, she feels allegiance to no one.  Chaos is in her DNA.
My favorite character is a toss up between Madeline, her son Don, and a ‘colorful’ Uncle Frank. Madeline is a sharp tongued, top notch businesswoman who doesn’t easily back down to opposition. Don is the lesser son who finds redemption in South Africa and the freeing power of forgiveness. Uncle Frank (a pop-in-and-out type character) is full of surprises, none of which are typically good. The one thing for sure, Uncle Frank is consistent with his shenanigans. He’s entertaining too.

BPM: What inspired you to write Broken? Ever experience writers block?
Inspiration for the Chosen series came from one of my all time favorite characters in the Bible, King David. He is an imperfect man plagued with family tragedy, personal failures, and constant battles. Yet, he is remembered as someone highly favored by God. I’m equally intrigued by his son, Solomon. Although he was the product of an adulterous relationship, God saw fit to make him the wisest and wealthiest man, saturated with favor. Over time, he managed to squander away his godly favor by succumbing to his weakness for women. Goes to show that no matter what our faults, shortcomings, or limitations, it doesn’t hinder God’s ultimate plan for our lives.

So it is in Chosen and Destined with Joel, the son of Dave Mitchell. At the conclusion of Chosen, readers weren’t satisfied with only an epilogue ending. They wanted more. So, Destined was born. Then, I couldn’t stop with just tales of the Mitchell men. In Broken, the women have something to say as well, particularly the high-spirited daughter, Tamara who’s been estranged for fourteen years.
BPM: What insight does the book give readers on relationships?
The concept that all relationships take work. Usually when we talk about relationships, we’re referring to a romantic one.  However, our lives are filled with all kinds of relationships, brothers, parents, neighbors, friends, co-workers, and so on. The quality and strength of the relationship depends on how much work, love, grace, sacrifice, forgiveness we’re willing to invest.

BPM: Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?
I want my readers to be entertained first. Then, before closing the book, I’d like for them to get the message that in spite of challenges and dysfunction, a person’s ability to forgive, to love, to forget the pain of the past, and to exercise a tad bit of diplomacy can get them through any situation, no matter how tragic the circumstances.
BPM: What should readers DO after reading this book?
Get a copy of Chosen and Destined, books #1 and #2 in the series if they haven’t already read them.
BPM: How do feel about selling digital books vs. selling in a brick and mortar store? What impact do you think electronic book sales will have on published authors? On indie authors?
With the huge increases in e-books and stores like Borders going out of business, there’s no doubt the industry is changing.  All authors are going to be impacted.   This is the time when authors have to know why they’re writing.  If it’s for the money, good luck with that one. If it’s purely for the notoriety, good luck with that one too.  
If, however, you’re writing because you’re fueled by your gift or passion, then the changes are for the positive.   The more ways to get the books into the hands of readers, the better from my perspective.   E-books offer yet another way to reach my audience.  As long as readers can still get my books, I’m happy, whether it’s paper, hardback, or digital.   As a matter of fact, this is a wonderful time for independent authors. The door of opportunity is wide open.
BPM: We are here to shine the spotlight on your new book, but what's next?
I’m pleased to announce that Broken made #1 on the national Black Christian bestseller list in September 2011. The series continues with books four and five - Anointed (Fall 2012) and Betrayed (Spring 2013). These novels will take you back to the beginning of the saga, when Dave meets Sherry and lines the path of family destruction.
BPM: How may our readers follow you online?
Readers can visit me at for a full listing of events, chapter excerpts, book trailers, or to join her mailing list. They can also become a Facebook friend at Patricia Haley-Glass or join my fan page at Author Patricia Haley.
BPM: Thank you, Patricia Haley, for sharing a little bit about yourself, your journey and your book with our readers!

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•ISBN-10: 1416580646
•ISBN-13: 9781416580645


VIDEO:  Broken by Patricia Haley
#1 Essence bestselling author Patricia Haley takes sibling rivalry to a shocking new level as one man tries to heal his broken family in this compelling series based on popular biblical stories.
Broken the 3rd Book in the Chosen Series
Don Mitchell is certain the Lord has a plan for him to reconcile his family, when his younger half brother, Joel, suddenly resigns as CEO of their father’s company. The gesture comes after Joel has nearly sent the enterprise into bankruptcy. Don’s first order of business as newly appointed head of DMI is to bring his estranged older sister home. It isn’t easy. Tamara has been running from the past for years. But once she is home, she plans to claim her rightful place in the multimillion-dollar family ministry—no matter what it takes or who gets hurt.

Joel, meanwhile, is regretting his decision to step down and is doing everything in his power to resume his path to greatness. As Don finds himself waist-deep in the corporate mess Joel left behind, his love life is also in flux. He must balance a complicated friendship with Abigail, his right-hand woman at DMI, with a budding romance involving his beautiful business partner in South Africa. Just as Don begins to realize that forgiving and forgetting may be his greatest weapon, a terrifying ordeal rocks the family to its core, and they must turn to God and to one another for the answers. 
BROKEN:  Excerpt from Chapter 3
They were gone and Tamara could breathe easy again. She'd reclaimed her space. The walls were no longer closing in. She heated a teapot, replaying the words exchanged during the visit. Mixed emotions filled her. Madeline was her mother, an undeniable piercing reality. She was born to love her, but that didn't mean she had to like her, not with her constant pushing and attempts to force Tamara to accept the Mitchell family on Madeline's terms. Madeline made it hard to like her, but it didn't stop Tamara from loving her. Seeing Don was comforting, honestly, seeing her mother was too. 
She poured the water into a cup, constantly replaying the words like a recorder set on repeat. The anger had vanished and a pinch of loneliness was setting in. Having her family there wasn't so bad, she thought, taking a seat on the small sofa. The phone rang but she didn't answer, unwilling to release the warm feeling she was experiencing toward her family. It was rare, unexpected, but well received. The euphoria forced her to rethink her decision about going home.
The more she reflected, the less eager she was to push her mother away. She had to forget the whole idea. When Don first asked her to consider returning home, there was interest. Seeing how distraught her mother was changed her mind. She wasn't out to crush Madeline, not really, although there were times when the pain carved deep in the pit of her soul cried out to be shared with the perpetrator. Andre clearly was her rapist, but he hadn't been alone in crafting the destruction within her mother's mansion. There were many contributors who helped create the perfect environment for hell to dwell on earth. 
The phone rang so much that it wasn't readily noticeable to her anymore. Whether it was Don, Madeline, or Remo didn't make a difference. Her brief slice of euphoria was certain not to last, but she'd cling to it for as long as possible by blocking out the sounds, tastes, and smells around her. Tamara was simply trying to survive. 
The phone wouldn't stop. Caving to reality, she snatched it up, consumed with frustration. "Remo, what do you want?" 
He spoke in English mixed with Italian. His dialogue was as random and confusing as his actions. He spewed demand after demand at her. The frustration she felt at the beginning of the call quickly converted to tension. 
"You can't walk away from me. We are for life. I won't let you go so easily with my heart." His ranting was fueled by escalating rage. She could feel the heat. 
"I'm not going to let you control me anymore. I can't do it. We're done, Remo. You have to accept this. It's over for good," she said, mustering her courage but not sure how he'd accept her betrayal. 
"We can't solve this on the telephone. I need to see your face when you tell me these things. The telephone won't work. I can jump on the rail and be in London by afternoon. I'll see you. Ciao," he said, and disconnected. 
Tamara held the phone, unable to move, scared. She hadn't told him her new address. How did he know? she wondered. Probably the same way that Madeline had, by hiring a private investigator to keep track of her, selfishly violating her space. Her thoughts swirled out of order with no continuity. She jumped to her feet, realizing that getting out of the flat was critical. Remo was unpredictable and she couldn't take a chance on letting him catch her. She scurried around the tiny space desperate for a plan. Peering at her checkbook and the cell phone again, she realized she didn't have much choice. Maybe it was time to go home. Her brother had made the offer and she couldn't discount it this time, so long as her nonnegotiable term was honored. Her mother couldn't be anywhere near Detroit or the state of Michigan, just to be safe. Mother wasn't a physical threat like Remo but her ability to orchestrate emotional despair was just as deadly to Tamara. 
She fumbled through a small stack of papers on the two-seat table and stopped when she got to her checkbook. Seeing the equivalent of a $1,314 balance was sobering; she couldn't run too far with that amount. A plane ticket alone was around $600, which didn't leave enough for an apartment deposit and the first month's rent. Tamara plopped down on the sofa sleeper, fingering through her hair, searching for answers that weren't falling from the ceiling, no matter how she stared. There was only one option. As much as she hated the notion of going home to Detroit under duress and to her dysfunctional family, it didn't compare to the trauma that could come from Remo running around somewhere out there ready to do her harm. 
Tamara removed her luggage from the wardrobe. She checked the time, careful not to let two hours catch her in the flat. Remo was definitely on his way, taking every possible shortcut to get to her. If he was going to be there in a few hours, she had to be out in one. Twenty minutes had already evaporated while she was calculating the remaining dollars in her skimpy account. Although she desperately needed help, Tamara was not going to let Madeline or Don know the full extent of her troubles. 
She scrambled to get packed, constantly peering out the window and keeping a tight grip on every second. Clothes were scarce. Carrying excess from town to town had grown exhausting, and each move shaved away some of her belongings. Upon leaving France, she'd opted to bring only the two pieces of free checked luggage allowed on her flight to London. After ten or eleven moves, Tamara was sure she was at the core of her existence and only had items of value remaining.
She looked around the room, a stark contrast from the plush accommodations that enveloped her childhood. Tamara stuffed the suitcase, not quite able to get in all five pairs of pants, eight shirts, her jacket, and her underclothes. She'd only take along one of the larger suitcases, plus the smaller knapsack as a carry-on. The other suitcase, along with a few shirts, would have to be sacrificed and stay behind. What else? she thought, looking around, combing the room while simultaneously keeping track of the time. Forty-five minutes gone. Her nerves were flaring up. Remo couldn't be taken lightly. She had to hurry. Suitcase zipped, knapsack latched and tucked under her arm, she was ready. Tamara opened the door and began pulling it shut. Wait. She rushed back in and snatched open the wardrobe, dropping the knapsack. She didn't have her passport. 
Tamara rustled through the papers and trinkets left behind. She got to a huge clasped envelope and breathed a sigh of relief, drawing in a long stretch of air and slowly releasing it. She pressed the envelope to her chest. This represented the grand sum of her independence: passport, birth certificate, a copy of the first check she'd received for one of her paintings, and her Swiss bank account details. She extracted the papers partially, checking to make sure none were missing.
Focused on her travel documents, her key to freedom, Tamara was unprepared for the photo at the bottom of the stack. She looked away, letting her bottom plop down to the floor. There was the family photo taken at Disney World with Dave, Madeline, Tamara, and her three brothers, Sam, Andre, and Don, right before her father left them. She held it, peering at the strangers on the paper. She was five years old when it was taken. The memory was raw, like it was yesterday. The time represented one of the rare moments when she recalled being happy, safe, and normal. The rest was a blur. Tamara shoved the papers and photo into the envelope. Fifty-five minutes gone. Time had run out. She dashed out of the flat with her suitcase and knapsack. Move number twelve was under way. She'd feel more secure when the plane was taxiing down the runway and there was no sign of Remo on board. 
Reprinted by Permission
© 2011 All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Patricia Haley. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author's written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only. Share a link to this page or the author's website if you really like this sneak peek.

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•ISBN-10: 1416580646
•ISBN-13: 9781416580645
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