Our Curious World of Mirror Images 
by Titus Joseph 

Reflections on how Symmetry Frames our Universe, 
Empowers the Creative Process and Provides Context to Shape our Lives

Titus Joseph uses mirror image symmetry to explain existence. ‘Our Curious World of Mirror Images’ combines science seamlessly with philosophy to propose new concept.

In his new book, “Our Curious World of Mirror Images: Reflections on how Symmetry Frames our Universe, Empowers the Creative Process and Provides Context to Shape our Lives” (published by Balboa Press), philosopher Titus Joseph draws on concepts from ancient philosophy, science and even religion to unveil a new model of the universe that explains how all things come into existence. 

“Today, with all the advances in science, including cosmology, quantum mechanics and relativity,” Joseph says, “I am prepared to demonstrate using advanced science and philosophy, a new theory that explains how things come into existence through the curious symmetries found everywhere in nature.”

The central concept of “Our Curious World of Mirror Images” is called positional symmetry (requisite mirror image). The book begins by introducing readers to the beauty and universality of symmetry, and the paradox of duality. Joseph outlines ancient holistic philosophies, past ideas about space and time, new concepts from Einstein’s theory of relativity, and recent discoveries from the science of cosmology. 

After providing a broad overview of the universe and a brief background in quantum theory, “Our Curious World of Mirror Images” explains the new concept using illustrations and examples from everyday life. The new paradigm serves as a lens to conceive how things come into being and illustrates a new holistic model of the universe, all in an accessible manner for most anyone to read. The end result reconciles many polarized views and brings considerable amounts of added meaning to life.

• Introducing a whole new way of looking at our world

• Combines science and philosophy seamlessly to explain the cosmos of space and time in an engaging way leading to a spiritual impulse

• Reconciles eastern paradigms with western views, and the intractable problem of duality that polarizes our lens on reality

• Demonstrates how all things come into being

• Provides a broad overview of the cosmos as a whole entity

• An eye-opener to the meaning of God


Chapter excerpts including graphics are available at  www.21cphilosophy.net/excerpt/ , includes the table of contents, bibliography and pages 1-10 of the book.

The Arche: Western History on Metaphysics 
Excerpt 1 - [ pgs 13-14 ]

Science Rocks! It leads the way in the path of knowledge due to its many successes. Yet, even for the sciences the fundamental theories have proven to lead to very strange places. So, what of the rest of us searching for a foundation of truth? Many have discovered their own truth in astrology, numerology, the occult, or through faith is some type of spirituality. These alternative and universal types of beliefs have existed since the beginning of human history, and have enabled many different types of peoples, around the world, to feel as though their consciousness reaches beyond the physical limits of the immediate senses. These so-called “mystical beliefs” exists to provide a foundation in the form of an underlying truth in all reality. 

The search for the underlying truth to reality is the holy grail of philosophy, referred to as the philosopher’s stone. It is the long sought after elixir of life. It is also the overriding goal of empirical science to determine one grand unified theory that accounts for everything in reality. 

The spiritually inclined have actively turned their attention to a higher domain or for many people, an underlying principle, in the pursuit for meaningful answers to master life’s travails. This principle can be viewed as supreme, and when personified, viewed as a supreme being. 

Consider that if we have something so ineffable as consciousness and intelligence in our finite seemingly meaningless lives, why not then propose of more consciousness at higher cosmic scales? The question is what would consciousness be like at cosmic scales. Well, consider that the galaxies of the cosmos are interconnected forming the cosmic web – the highest known structure in the cosmos. Inflationary theory demonstrates that the cosmic web originates from infinitesimal quantum fluctuations at the beginning of the universe. 

“…in a quantum world, nothing is ever perfectly uniform because of the jitteriness inherent to the uncertainty principle…such nonuniformity can be stretched from the microworld…providing the seeds for the formation of large astrophysical bodies like galaxies (Greene, 2006, 307). 

This observation by one of the world’s leading authorities on cosmology gives assent to the ancient proverb, “as above, so below.” Dr. Greene demonstrates that the highest visible structure of the universe is a direct extrapolation of the infinitesimal jitteriness that is the inherent nature of the quantum realm…Taking this observation to a natural conclusion, I see no real differences between scientific theories, as represented by Western science and justified as legitimate, and the ideas of a supreme principle that is alive and conscious does not seem alien to me, because we are alive, conscious, and intelligent, and presumably derived from this same principle. 

Introducing the Wavicle
Excerpt 2 - [ pgs 56-57 ]

In the early 19th century, Thomas Young demonstrated that light acts as a wave using what is now commonly called the double slit experiment. The double slit experiment was designed by shining a beam of light at a screen with two pinholes in it. Young noticed that the light created alternating light and dark vertical stripes when it arrived on the second screen. These stripes demonstrate the waves of light spreading out from the two pinholes and overlapping with each other, creating an interference pattern. This showed that light acts as a wave. 

Conversely in 1905, Albert Einstein showed that light is composed of particles that we now know of as photons. Stephen Hawking explains, There is thus a duality between waves and particles in quantum mechanics: for some purposes it is helpful to think of particles as waves and for other purposes it is better to think of waves as particles (Hawking, A Brief History of Time, 75). 

In the quantum world all particles, and not just photons behave as waves, and waves can behave as particles, but there is something significant about the wavelike nature of particles. The pulse of the wave does not occur purely within an atom, but throughout the universe. Dr. Brian Greene says that an electron can also be described as a wave whose existence is spread throughout the universe (Green, The Fabric of the Cosmos, 90). 

Consider the paradox in the observation that fundamental particles are simultaneously waves and thus, spread throughout the entire universe. How can this be? We can separate a drop of water from the ocean but when it is in the ocean, that drop becomes ocean. So it appears then that the wavelike behavior of fundamental particles is a feature of the quantum world, and therefore demonstrates non-spatial properties because the wavelike functions are spread throughout the universe. Yet paradoxically, particles can also be measured as a point with some specific position or speed. 

The objects that we experience in daily life have spatial location. They exist in a specific place during some time. We live in a “24 hours in a day” scale of space and time. The quantum world however, has no space and no time, so events are very jittery and short-lived. Events in the quantum world have lifespans in the billionths of a second. Spacetime, therefore, is not a relevant concept in the quantum world. This means that it is very difficult to predict with precision what will happen at the subatomic level and ‘probabilities’ become more relevant than predictions. 

Dr. John Gribbin, British astrophysicist and one of the most prolific writers in science, explains:  Probability lies at the heart of the mystery of quantum reality, because the quantum world obeys strict probabilistic rules…Quantum probability can be seen to be at work at the level of individual atoms, photons and electrons (Gribbin, Q is for Quantum, An Encyclopedia of Particle Physics, 291).

Dr. Greene explains that the quantum norm is a “fuzzy hybrid reality” because it is composed of probabilities. These are possibilities that have not been realized. Take your time and pause here. 

( Continued... )

© 2014 All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Titus Joseph. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author's written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only. Publisher's website: www.balboapress.com

About the Author
Titus Joseph
has a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy with a minor in religious studies and a Master’s degree in counseling. Mr. Joseph has worked throughout his life as a counselor and at present, he develops group homes for individuals with disabilities. Titus identifies most as a philosopher - which is to say - a lover of wisdom. Though grateful for his formal education, above all else, it’s the love of wisdom that motivates him and I think you will find out why as you read Our Curious World of Mirror Images (www.21cphilosohy.net) 

Change the way you see the world!
Titus Joseph website: www.21cphilosophy.net  
Facebook: Titus Joseph;  Twitter: Titus




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