Did you know that millions of Americans are overpaying their
mortgages and debts?  And not by a little bit!

"It's Important to Understand the Financial Implications of Holding On To Debt.

Holding on to debt will cost you more than you can earn."

"Money is congealed energy," said Joseph Campbell
"And releasing it releases life's possibilities." *

A former mortgage company has a better idea!

"Internet and other technologies have created consumers who are much more informed
and demanding and are looking to make their money and earning power
go further. Using tools to accelerate debt and mortgage reduction is a 
growing focus of aware consumers. 
Enter Worth Unlimited and The Worth Account™
Your Wealth Compass and Guide"

Editor's Choice Award, Personal Real Estate Investors Magazine, 12/2014

Watch these three brief videos, for a quick overview of the Worth Account™:

(Enlarge each video to full screen by watching the YouTube version with the link on the lower right.
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Stop Overpaying On Your Debt - Intro: 4.53 minutes


Worth Account Overview 12.50 minutes


New Worth Account Demo (23 minutes)

As of August 2014 Worth Unlimited Client Results
$2,022,586,812.05  Interest eliminated
$88,410,532.53 in Cash Savings (banked) 

The Worth Account works.  It will work for you.

Now let me explore the Big Picture of finances and our
consumer banking systems strategy and show why this will work
for you....(after you have watched the 3 brief videos above)
See how you can use 10% borrowed money to pay off
6% borrowed money.  You've probably never heard of such a strategy!

(Enlarge the YouTube video for best viewing)



Now, let me take you inside Worth Unlimited to let Mike Bunker,
Director of the Analysis Department, give his presentation.  I want
people to get a feel for the professionalism of the people at Worth
so if you want to get your analysis run you will feel comfortable
doing so.  He also gives an overview of the referral/compensation
plan that will accelerate your results or provide a part-time or full-time
career income with management potential as well.


National Training Director, Mac Saunders gives a
demonstration of the Worth Account in Action:
(click on the image)

“Similar to rolling over a high interest loan into a lower interest loan,
but the effect is a hundred times greater, and that is not an exaggeration…
It’s a jaw dropping reduction in interest owed…
It makes money for us - literally…
Not only does it work exactly as the company guarantees,
it is entirely ethical as well.”

How to Eliminate More Than Half Your Mortgage Interest,
a study of the Money Merge Account (now the Worth Account™)
G. Edward Griffin, Certified Financial Planner and Author: 
The Creature From Jekyll Island, A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

What Could You Do With 20 Years (+ or - ) of Cancelled
Mortgage and Debt Payments?

Wouldn't You Rather Grow than Owe?

Imagine what happens when everything is paid off in 1/3 the time and the money that was going to payments becomes cash available!

Your benefit can be in the hundreds of thousands. Not only the dramatic savings on interest owed, but the accumulation of cash to your budget after all the debt is terminated!

You create your equity and wealth accumulation effectively and dramatically with a few clicks of the mouse each month as the math is done for you.  

A Brief History of the Worth Account™

As a client you can become a referring agent.  You will have a demo to help 
friends, family and colleagues grasp how it can work for them.

See What Some of Our Clients Are Saying:

video testimonials  written testimonials

See What the Press is Saying:

Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine Nov-Dec 2014
"Your Wealth Strategy Assured With Award-Winning Technology!"
Read the full story here:

Download this new reprint! (Click Image to download)

Here is a Newswatch Video from 2009

Click on the Image Below for Press Summary Statements 

See how this sample client got the Big Picture:

Print out a Sample Analysis Report and see the detail.

Now get your analysis report with your numbers:

All we need are your basic raw numbers: balances, interest rates and terms, etc.
• No ss#, account #'s, bank info, etc.
• No credit check required
• No refinancing, loan modification
• No change in lifestyle

Just gather your most recent statements for your mortgage, credit cards, student loans, auto loans, medical bills, etc 

You may want to use this guide: Data needed for analysis.
Here's a worksheet to make notes: Analysis Worksheet

I can do the analysis for you in just a few minutes or introduce you to the analysts at Worth Unlimited.

If you call the 1-800-224-1053 number just tell them my name, Hal Woods, and ID# 987852. You will make an appointment for a longer analysis and demonstration. Be sure both spouses/partners are on the second call.

Join as an agent:  www.worthunlimited.com/halwoods

Product Site:  www.worthaccount.com/halwoods

Contact me for a "test drive" with the actual software or
with questions or to get your FREE Savings Analysis:

Contact Me Now


My purpose is to help people be a "conscious conduit of their energy"
with the Worth Account.

*Quote from The Energy of Money, A Spiritual Guide to
Financial and Personal Fulfillment, by Maria Nemeth, Ph.D.

Read an interview with Maria Here

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