How to Book It to the Big Screen

Taking Books 2 Film BEA Panel Discussion

Lights, Camera, Action ... Taking your book from print to the big screen or stage is an exciting and proven method to expand the reach of your audience. There are many examples to look at and none perhaps, greater than Star Wars .... Did you know Star Wars in the form of a novella titled, Star Wars from the Adventures of Luke Sky Walker was published by Ballantine books in 1976 - written by a ghost writer 6 months before the Star Wars movie premiered by George Lucas? Skeptics beg to differ but whether the "egg came before the chicken" as to how Star Wars was created from a printed format - the SUCCESS of this story as a universal - pop culture phenomenon is a force to be celebrated on how to leverage your literary brand as an epic $4.38 billion film series.

BOOK2FILM is an instructive session at BookExpo America (BEA) taking place on Saturday May 31st on the Uptown Stage.  Learn a few A,B,C's on how to think big and leverage the distribution of your published story to television and independent film for a potentially wider target audience and so much, much more.

This BOOK2FILM discussion and information session will serve as a pilot initiative to garner feedback in preparation to launch as a segment at BEA 2015 with the Top Ten Genres: African American, Bollywood/International, Comedy, Erotica, Horror, Religion, Romance, Sci-Fi, Same Sex, Suspense Thriller,  and Teen.

Session Description
Publishers, authors, booksellers and librarians - join the instructive session - "How to Book It to the Big Screen" by BOOK2FILM, innovative projects from Television, Independent Film and Publishing communities with educational, entertaining, training and wealth building opportunities that leverage print literary and distribution opportunities to reach broader target audience(s). Marva Allen, Founder of Hue-Man bookstore,  Ella D. Curry of EDC Creations Media Group,   Regina Brooks of Serendipity Literary Agency, and Nicole Redmond - African American Genre for BOOK2Film of N. Gallerie Studios.

BOOK2FILM is a concept developed by Leslie Williams, exclusively for BookExpo America (BEA). Tony Rose of Amber Communications Group, Inc. left an impressive and indelible mark with the African American Pavilion at BEA for African American authors. Tony's legacy and support of me as a personal friend and associate as I develop the BOOK2FILM brand ... continues to set a precedent for how we work together - keeping a black voice and presence at the BookExpo America annual event. The BOOK2FILM logo was created by Nicole Redmond of N. Gallerie Studios.

BOOK2FILM is an exciting niche to marry the Television, Independent Film and Publishing communities with educational, entertaining, training and wealth building techniques for novice and seasoned professional to leverage print literary and distribution opportunities to reach broader target audience(s).

BOOK2FILM will collect data from publishers, librarians, authors and attendees at BEA 2014. The top ten genres Leslie Williams will rank are: (African American, Bollywood/International, Comedy, Erotica, Horror, Religion, Romance, Sci-Fi, Same Sex, Teen Drama).

Gone are the days to regulate savvy entrepreneurs, publishers and writers to remain behind the literary "chitlin' circuit" booth at publishing trade/fairs/conferences to introduce and market products. The time has come to expand in the 21st Century with exciting opportunities that can be reached to a strategic target and beyond!


Ella D. Curry is the president and CEO of EDC Creations Media Group. She brings more than 25 years of PR and marketing experience to clients in film, music, publishing and corporate event planning. Her expertise as well as her love for all things literary, and collaborative approach with clients have earned her a reputation as a respected leader in the publishing industry.

Ms. Curry has enjoyed an extensive tenure in media promotions and book publicity. She started out as a corporate event planner and website developer; later becoming a buyer for the legendary Karibu Book Store chain. Her career now includes services such as keynote speaker, blog tour coordinator, book coach, video journalist and literary publicist.


Ms. Curry lives in Maryland with daughter and partner. When she's not working, she loves to travel, write short stories, and chatting in Internet groups with her international group of friends. As her entrepreneurial spirit guides the way upward, she continues to involve herself in challenging, life enhancing projects.


Explore the incredible services provided by Ella Curry and her team at EDC Creations Media Group, go here. The TEAM will work with publishers, authors, small business owners and non-profits. Marketing and promoting is what we do best!

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