Think Big, Act Big, Be Big!

I believe you can have anything you choose if you are willing to do the work.

If you missed the call you can download the audio here.

Action Plan for next 30 days. Look at things not as they are but how they could be.

1. Create a Big Vision

2. Identify your fears...take action towards that you fear.  Action is the cure!

3. Beleive it can be done.  Ask yourself everyday two questions: "How can I do more?" "How can I do better?"

How you think determines how you act.  How you act in turn determines: How others react to you.

4. Stop putting things off and remove negative language from you vocabulary.

5. Stop watching television for 60 minutes per day and spend that time taking action towards your big vision.

I would love to have you join the Think Big Mastermind Group.

Donna Amos
Solopreneur Solutions, LLC

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