Meet Author and Poet Nakia R. Laushaul 
The Truth As I See It: In Poetry & Prose

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Brink of Submission by Nakia R. Laushaul

The Truth As I See It: In Poetry & Prose
Author: Nakia R. Laushaul

Nakia Laushaul poetically gathers the myths and misconceptions about life that threaten to hold the heart captive into her first bound collection titled: The Truth As I See It: In Poetry & Prose. She expresses her views of The Truth about Me and You, Love, God, and Life in powerful poems that make the truth look painfully simple and prose that tenderly draws you into the world as she sees it.

The Truth As I See It: In Poetry & Prose beautifully fuses together and creates light after tackling difficult and often times taboo topics. Out of pain and anger comes healing. Out of despair and disappointment comes hope. Out of the darkness of lies shines the truth.

Paperback: 147 pages
ISBN-10: 0984368264
ISBN-13: 978-0984368266

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UnWrapped Lit: Life of a Poet, Mother and Author

Meet Nakia R. Laushaul

Nakia R. Laushaul is employed as a Finance Administrator. She is a poet, novelist, and inspirational blogger. In her free time she enjoys performing her poetry and hanging out with her teenage son. Nakia serves on the Board of Directors for a non-profit, KCCP, that was created to encourage arts participation in youth. Nakia is committed to challenging everyone in her reach to find compassion and empathy in the differences that exist among us all.

BPM:  Introduce us to your book of poetry, The Truth As I See It: In Poetry & Prose.
My book is called, The Truth As I See It: In Poetry & Prose. It’s an inspirational collection of poetry and essays about everyday life from my point of view. Although I absolutely love poetry, I am a storyteller to the depths of my soul. So, you will see a complete story in every poem. Every chapter tells a poetic story about You and Me, Love, God, Life, and how I came to be free in a way that every reader, no matter their favorite genre, will enjoy.  


BPM:  What specific situation or revelation prompted you to write your book?
I have been (and still am) working on a novel for many years. I won’t even tell you exactly how many years it has been, not just yet (smile). All those years, I was afraid to write because I feared what I would come out of my pen and the impact it would have on others. I knew that whatever I wrote would be so drenched in truth that some people were bound to get their feelings hurt.

In the process of avoiding what I was born to do, I was disobedient to God’s purpose, and my life was a mess. I woke up before dawn one day feeling distressed because God fills my head with so many thoughts, I don’t sleep well. I found underneath my desk, a beautiful journal that I had never opened. Inside was an inscription by Picasso that read, “Everything you can imagine is real.” I wrote underneath, Then I imagine I love myself.

I turned the page and wrote down all the reasons I loved myself. Those reasons turned into the first poem I wrote for this collection, “I Am A Tree.” By that evening I had a title for the entire book, The Truth As I See It. It was all poetry in the beginning, but I got hooked on blogging; hence prose entered the book.


BPM:  Who do you want to reach with your book and the message within?
Initially, The Truth As I See It was God’s attempt to reach me. God was calling out to me through my own voice, God to Nakia. Come in Nakia. I discovered so much about myself during the writing process. Now I know I can’t force anyone else to change. However, my goal is to encourage a positive and willing acceptance of what is true and right.

BPM:  What are some of their specific issues, needs or problems addressed in this book?
The thing with writing poetry is that others always assume every poem is about the poet. I can’t tell you how many poems are actually about you and what you are going through in your life, what I’ve read, or what I’ve overheard. I am a thief of juicy conversations. I

 wrote a poem about abortion, “Liberated,” that spawned from reading a Gwendolyn Brooks poem called “The Mother.” I heard the testimony of a famous gospel singer and wrote “Happy Mother’s Day.” 

I wrote a poem that deals with what will surely happen to our future if we don’t do something called, “Deuteronomy.” Many of my messages are a bit taboo and I wrestled intensely with writing them, but either I stand up for what I believe in, or I should have called my book, The Lies I Tell Myself. That was not going to happen because I’m done with lying to myself just to make someone else feel comfortable. 

BPM:  What makes you powerful as a person and a writer? 
The God in me makes me feel powerful. I have overcome so many obstacles in my life that tried, yet failed each time to break me. I woke up one day and felt like yeah I finally got this, I got me. I am no longer ashamed of where I come from, who I am, what I lack, what I have, or where I’m going. All I know is that I am writing with the authority of God and that makes me a powerful woman.   

BPM:  Share with us your latest news, awards or upcoming book releases.    
Presently, you can purchase and autographed copy of The Truth As I See It: In Poetry & Prose on my website. It will soon be available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and through other Internet sources where books are sold. I am currently working on my novel, Running From Solace.

Nakia R. Laushaul, author of  The Truth As I See It

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