Shorty and The Sullivans
by Lynda Jones-Mubarak 

Shorty and the Sullivans is a children's book appropriate for ages 6 through 10. The story teaches young children that we cannot always make judgments based on the outward appearance of a person or an object. Never judge a book by its cover or a dog by its coat! Yes, sometimes dogs have the same issues as humans!

Shorty and The Sullivans demonstrates how a friendship can develop from some very unusual circumstances. The message of the story emphasizes that observation over a period of time will often determine the true value of a situation.

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Carver Park and Shorty & The Sullivans by Lynda Jones-Mubarak are available at Barnes & Noble in Nook Book, hardcover and paperback:


Book Excerpt: Shorty and The Sullivans

Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan lived on Pine Street for many years. Everyone marveled at their beautiful yard. The beautiful flowers, shiny green grass, tall oak trees, and the little red well with a tiny, bright red bucket put a smile on the face of everyone who passed. They also noticed the big black dog with huge, floppy ears napping on the front porch. The dog was always lying next to a big, old white rocking chair with a red checkered pillow in the seat or playing with her big rubber toys in the yard.
The Sullivans always hung out a spring garden flag on the front porch in April. A big yellow sun wearing sun glasses and straw hat adorned the middle of the flag. The flag waved in the warm breeze all day almost like it was saying, “I’m ready to have fun!”
The squirrels and the neighbor’s cats played under the garden flag and around the well when the Sullivan’s dog, Ebony Joyce, was not in the front yard. The Sullivans usually called her by her full name, Ebony Joyce, but sometimes they called her Ebony J.
Mr. Sullivan loved his lawn. He worked very hard with his garden tools to make sure there were no weeds in the lawn. He sprayed, dug and pulled weeds every day to make sure his lawn was green and thick while Ebony Joyce quietly looked on. Ebony J sometimes chased butterflies and played with her green and white soccer ball and her plastic squeaky toys while Mr. Sullivan worked in his flower beds.
Mrs. Sullivan loved to bake cookies and cakes and made sure all new neighbors had a fresh batch of cookies as a welcome gift to the neighborhood. She used lots of butter, cinnamon, pecans, vanilla and sugar to make sure they were tasty and smelled good. She wrapped them with brown paper so they would be warm and soft when she took them to the new families.
When the cookies were ready, she put on her old-fashioned pink apron, walked next door and rang the doorbell. With a big smile on her face she would say, “Welcome to the neighborhood and we hope you stay.”  The new neighbors always loved the cookies and usually took a bite as soon as they were delivered.  Ebony Joyce always stood next to Mrs. Sullivan wagging her tail as Mrs. Sullivan handed the new neighbors their freshly baked cookies.
Every Saturday morning, Mrs. Sullivan shopped at the Johnson Supermarket. Archie, the manager, and the cashiers knew her because she always bought the same meat, veggies, milk, fruit, dog food and doggie treats. They also knew Mrs. Sullivan because big, happy Ebony Joyce was always with her, wagging her tail and looking at the other customers as they walked by. Archie didn’t mind Ebony Joyce being in the store because she was a friendly dog. The customers like rubbing her ears, the kids like rubbing her back and Ebony Joyce never barked.
Ebony Joyce walked a little slower in the store than Mrs. Sullivan, but that was alright because she took her time going up and down the aisles of the store to search for the best bargains, especially on the meat and dairy aisles.
One day a cashier asked Mrs. Sullivan, “How old is Ebony Joyce?” Mrs. Sullivan replied, “We don’t know Ebony J’s age. When we moved into our house years ago we found her hiding in the shed in the back yard. We fed her, gave her a bath and she’s been with us since then.” The cashier smiled and Mrs. Sullivan smiled. She paid for her groceries, rolled the grocery cart out to the car and put the groceries in the trunk while Ebony waited for her to open the car door.
Mrs. Sullivan drove home while Ebony J looked out the window at the passing cars, big buses, and the people jogging along the sidewalks or talking on their cell phones.
When Mrs. Sullivan returned from grocery shopping Ebony J always waited quietly next to the kitchen sink while Mrs. Sullivan put the food away. Ebony knew when the last paper bag was emptied there would be a doggie treat for her. She loved the treats!
One morning, Mrs. Sullivan noticed that Ebony J was not awake when she began to cook breakfast. She was usually the first one awake in the mornings and watched Mrs. Sullivan as she prepared the coffee, toast, turkey bacon and eggs.
When she walked into the den, she heard a strange sound coming from Ebony J and said, “Oh my, Ebony J, you sound terrible. I think we need to take you to see Dr. Jenkins today.” Mrs. Sullivan called the vet and told his assistant that Ebony Joyce needed to come in at once for a checkup.
When Ebony J and the Sullivans arrived at Dr. Jenkins’ office, Mr. Sullivan had to carry Ebony J in his arms because she could not walk. The doctor took one look at Ebony J, listened to her cough and said, “I think Ebony has a bad cold and needs some medicine to make her feel better.” Dr. Jenkins gave Ebony J a shot and gave some pills to the Sullivans for Ebony J to take later. The Sullivans returned home and put Ebony J on her big pillow bed to rest.
(  Continued...   )
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Age Range: 5 - 9 years
Grade Level: 1-4
Paperback: 60 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1626768552
ISBN-13: 978-1626768550


Carver Park by Lynda Jones Mubarak
It would seem that growing up in segregated Waco, Texas in the 1950s would be filled with challenges and disappointments for any African-American child, but little Lynda Jones learned everything about the world near and far from her beloved books and the travels of her father during WWII.  Find out how one little girl learned about the world near and far from reading her treasured books and her dad's travels during WWII at : 
Carver Park gives us a view into the life of one child who found that regardless of society's circumstances, the people in our lives provide us with the knowledge and support required to learn and succeed in a time of great social unrest and historical change. Carver Park is a children's non-fiction book appropriate for grades 2 - 4. 
Read a wonderful book review for Carver Park written by The @ Home Librarian 
Diversify your home library collection and encourage others to do the same.
STATIONS FOR KIDS offers children's literature filled with everyday circumstances to promote early literacy, community service, and global, historical empathy.  Early literacy is important for each child's life skills development and academic achievement. Reading, writing, math, and social-emotional intelligence are critical in a world filled with competition and technology. STATIONS FOR KIDS founded by Dr. Lynda J. Mubarak is a great resource for parents and educators looking for age appropriate books for grades 2 - 4.
Both STATIONS FOR KIDS books are available at Amazon in hardcover and paperback:
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Intimate Conversation with Lynda Jones-Mubarak


Dr. Lynda Jones-Mubarak is a native Texan and was raised in Waco and Ft. Worth. She is an Army veteran, retired special education teacher, and college ESL adjunct. Dr. Lynda’s love for reading and books began when she was an elementary student and continued during her teaching years.  She is the author of Stations, Carver Park, and Shorty & The Sullivans.  Dr. Lynda loves to travel, live theater and crossword puzzles. She is currently a co-host on “The Author’s Lounge Radio Show”, Fish Bowl Radio Network, Grey Stream, Tuesdays, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm, CST, and she is busy writing her fourth book.

BPM: Tell us about your  book for young readers, Shorty and The Sullivans.
My most recent work is Shorty and The Sullivans. It was created for children ages 6-10 and is available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.
Shorty and The Sullivans is a children's story that demonstrates how a friendship can develop from some very unusual circumstances. It also teaches young children that one should not make judgements based on appearance including color or size. The message of the story emphasizes that observation over a period of time will often determine the true value of a situation.

For more informaiton on the Stations for Kids series, listen to an introduction to Carver Park:
BPM: What did you enjoy most about writing your children's books?
I enjoy writing books for children because it reminds me of the books I read as a child.  The imagination of a child is a wonderful thing. If you can create an image in a child's mind with words, with or without the assistance of an illustration, they will never forget it. Most people never forget the books they read as a young child.
BPM: How much planning goes into writing a book for kids?
I think the planning for writing a book for kids is related to your knowledge or experience with the subject matter. Writing about a topic for a kid's book can be a challenge because you must be able to relay the concepts without overwhelming the child.
BPM: What advice would you give aspiring writers that would help them finish a project?
Patience and consistency are the toughest issues for new authors. You will need to begin building a fan base before your book is published so that readers will be familiar with your brand and your message. Join writer groups and book clubs to ensure support and counsel for your project.  It's also good to maintain a writing schedule so that you don't lose focus and momentum. Lastly, spend time with people who can teach you the nuts and bolts of the industry through webinars and workshops online or in person.
BPM: What period of life or topics do you find you write about most often?  
I enjoy writing about early literacy, career readiness, community service, global empathy and life long learning. I am also especially interested in stories about adults of all ages who experience a life transition.
BPM: Did you learn anything personal from writing your book?
I learned that canines and humans have special relationships and they have much in common, especially in the case of rescued animals.
BPM: How has writing impacted your life?
I have a renewed respect for time, deadlines and the human condition.
BPM: What does literary success look like to you?
Literary success occurs when an adult or child tells me that my book was rewarding, inspiring or informative. Your skills as a writer don't count if no one is reading your work. Literary success is priceless!
BPM:  What are the three most effective tools for sharing your book with the world?
Social media, partnering with a community organization, and using the services of a professional internet publicist have been my most effective tools for sharing my books. It is impossible to reach the thousands of readers who may be a possible market for your book without professional assistance. You must be willing to invest in your project.
BPM:  What projects are you working on at the present?
I am currently working on a project related to communiy service and young children. My wish is for this project to continue as a series for young readers.
BPM: How can readers discover more about you and your work?
Instagram: ljmubarakstationsforkids   

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Author’s Lounge Radio Show

Tune in: Tuesday Evenings at  3PM - 5PM
Hosts: Sheryl Grace and Lynda Jones-Mubarak

Dr. Lynda Mubarak is a native Texan. She was born in Mart, TX and raised in Waco and Ft. Worth. Lynda graduated from P.L. Dunbar HS in Ft. Worth. She is a retired special education teacher and facilitator and has served as a crisis intervention teacher, student teacher supervisor, and private school administrator. She earned a BS in Education from TCU, M.Ed. from Texas Wesleyan University, and a doctorate in education from Nova SE University. She and husband, Kairi, live in Ft. Worth, TX. She loves to travel, live theater, and crossword puzzles!

Sheryl Grace is a Louisiana native currently residing in North Texas. Sheryl began her love for writing in high school.  Her inspiration to become a writer was prompted after reading Maya Angelou’s, “ I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”.   She continued her love for writing in college where she wrote fluid poetry.  After graduating with a degree in Mental Health Counseling, she began her career as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Through her life and work experiences, characters begin to formulate in her head that she had to share.  The desire to create a female character that could overcome even the worse of life events, filled her day and night dreams.  Her debut novel “He Calls Her Blue” has received numerous five star reviews and this is just the beginning.   Show page:

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