Chameleon by JA Adams
Chameleon, suited for readers from young adult and beyond, is the ideal book for those who enjoy novels that keeps them on the edge of their seats and where the ending can not be predicted until the last sentence is read.  Chameleon is a book that must be read from beginning to end.  Readers, although tempted, will find themselves unable to skip chapters to quickly get to the end.
Chameleon is an intriguing story of true love, deceit, passion, and the bond of family.  Covering a span of three years (1975 to 1978), the novel opens at fictitious Welington University located in Northeast North Carolina. The story focuses on the trials and tribulations of unconditional love between man and woman, as well as family.  With ties to Creole culture, the story unfolds with the reader being introduced to the silent codes of family honor rooted deep within the African-American family. The characters experience real to life situations where spur of the moment decisions effect their lives and the lives of those they love forever.
Diane Lorraine Darhling, the heroine, finds herself on a runaway roller coaster of emotions being desired by two handsome young men. Their unrelenting desire for her is felt to the depths of the soul but for reasons on both ends of the spectrum.  Diane, smart, intelligent, beautiful and heir to the multi-million dollar Darhling fortune, finds herself a victim symbolically trapped in a birdcage without a key. Finding sanctuary through the love of family, she emerges from victim to survivor.
Jimmy Ray Dupree, the villain, a struggling young man from the other side of the tracks, sees Diane as his ticket out of "po' folksville".  Unknowingly to Diane, Jimmy stalks her for years before taking her out for a hamburger the fall of 1975. Conniving and deceitful, Jimmy Dupree grovels his way into Diane's life.  Nicknaming his scheme, "Operation Diane", he has a plan and the means to carry it out, not caring who gets hurt along the way in his climb to the top.  His family, for generations has dealt on the darker side of immorality.  Jimmy, is no different.
Then there is Jerrell Ellison, Diane's first love, and the young successful debonair millionaire from Atlanta.  His love for Diane is unconditional.  He carries a torch for Diane, the true love of his life.  The glow from that torch, buried deeply within the depths of Diane's soul, lies idle awaiting.  In 1977, their paths cross again for only a brief period in which time stands still for one night in time. True love's torch ignites as a new heir to the Darhling fortune is conceived.  Then, Diane's confused state of mind interferes and the glow buried within her heart is snuffed to all but a small cinder. 
Diane and Jerrell both become victims and then survivors of psychotic manipulation at the hands of the chameleon.  Through the love of family and the close bond of sisterhood, Diane makes the difficult psychological journey beyond the grasp of the chameleon. With a surprise ending, Chameleon is guaranteed to keep the reader fully engaged to the very last word.

About Author JA Adams
JA Adams
, author of three psychological suspense/thriller novels, uses personal and professional experiences to bring awareness to psychological issues that affect our
relationships. For 30 years, Adams has worked with traumatized victims of violence and crime. Adams’ experience, paired with her writings, allude to healing the spirit and soul of victims.
In 1993, Adams decided to marry her cause with her passion for writing, beginning with contributions to the teacher modular curriculum, Responding to Violence in the Lives of Young Children, at Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University), Educare Training Institute.
Adams currently resides outside of Austin, Texas. She continues to write and volunteers with numerous organization bringing awareness to teen dating violence and
women issues, as well as, advocating against intimate partner and family violence. Such organizations include Any Baby Can, the Ortralla Foundation, and Recovery Ministry at  Gateway Church. Moreover, she regularly speaks and mentors women using her life as  proof that one can find love again after trauma.
 Chameleon by JA Adams
 Genre: Psychological Thriller
 ISBN 9780976200529
 Pub: Shaw Harris and Assoc.
Contributor to the Coffee Confessions Anthology

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