Happy 40th Birthday, Janae!

Dedicated to Janae Bower ... In celebration of the first 40 wonderful years of your life and the incredible gift you are to so many!  Thank you!

Step 1 - Scroll down to the bottom. Lower the volume of the music so you can hear the appreciations.
Step 2 - Click on the buttons with arrows to listen to each appreciation.
John Bower
Janae's Boys
Jacque Bower
Carter & Terry McNamara
Marnie Hensel
Angela Landry
Steve Landry
Vivian Pasche
Jarred Opatz
Diane Stoy
Janet Hagberg
Jamie Bergland
Jim & Kim Mielke
Julie Wyle
Holly Locher
Kristin Jordan
Margene Vessel
Erika Connelly
Aimee Petra
Shelley Mateffy
Sandra Allison
Lisa Nelson
Father Jon
Sara Zittlow
Sharon Bertrand




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