Heat at First Sight by Barbara Keaton

Love Like It's Hot Celebrates Independence Day – a day celebrated around the country – and will never be seen quite the same as six of today’s contemporary, nationally best-selling romance authors bring the heat in this box set filled with unique stories of impassioned love and intense romance! The Fourth has never been hotter – be sure to Love Like its Hot! Available at Amazon & B&N.

Featured Authors in “Love Like It’s Hot!” Book Set:
* Love for Liberty by Ann Clay
* Heat at First Sight by Barbara Keaton
* Best Laid Plans by Deatri King-Bey
* Summer Sizzle by Donna Hill
* Sweet Heat Rising by Nicki Night
* The Fourth by Xyla Turner


Love Like its Hot! is a searing, sensuous box set featuring stories of love and romance from six of today’s hottest contemporary romance writers! Each story surrounds the Fourth of July holiday, bringing passion and heat to life. This box set abounds with smart, witty, and loving characters these authors are known for and their readers have come to expect. The featured writers for this BLISTERING e-box set are: Ann Clay, Barbara Keaton, Deatri King-Bey, Donna Hill, Nicki Night,
Xyla Turner.
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Heat at First Sight by Barbara Keaton


Prince Ahbeh Mensah Ahmed Kwasi is going to be king of Libertad Island whether he likes it or not. To add to it, he must marry on his county’s Independence Day. An infamous playboy, the soon to be king realizes that he has no real prospects and doesn’t want the ones his mother has selected for him. He changes his mind once he sees the stunningly beautiful Trinity Nehemiah, someone he knows is his match in every way. The thing is, how to get her to marry him within 30 days.

Dr. Trinity Nehemiah is searching for a bacterium that is impacting the beautiful aquatic life of Libertad Island. Finding its source and coming up with a cure is her only charge, not the island’s handsome playboy who is set on getting under her skin and in her bed. Little does Trinity know, the soon to be king is more than interested in her bedroom skills.




Excerpt: Heat at First Sight by Barbara Keaton



Thirty days. Mensah ended his prayer with the last words he’d heard from his father. He had thirty days to marry. Never mind that he didn’t have one female in mind, while he knew his mother had at least two. Mensah blanched at the thought – he wasn’t into marriage, couldn’t see what his brothers did – one woman, love, and eventually children running afoot. He then thought of his oldest brother, Helem, the next in succession, or that was until he’d dropped the bombshell a week ago – he and his wife were planning on moving from Libertad Isle to London. Helem didn’t want to be king. Their father had announced a year ago that he would retire the next Independence Day and Helem would rightfully take his place. That was how it had always been, since Libertad and its surrounding islands had been founded nearly three centuries ago. Then a month ago, Helem broke the news to his parents and officially abdicated leaving him to be the next in line – next be sworn in as king of Libertad Isle, but in order for him to assume the crown, he had to have a wife.

Mensah wasn’t like his two brothers – Helem had settled down at the tender age of 21, marrying the only woman he’d ever dated – a woman from the island who had been born and raised to marry royalty. That was nearly fourteen years ago. Then there was his baby brother, Olabisi, who was about to marry his childhood sweetheart. While she hadn’t been raised for royalty, she was beloved by their parents, who were already talking about the children they would have.

“What do I do?” he looked up into the sky. He was a playboy, loved women, the very shape, color, smell and sway of their hips. He wasn’t ready to settle down and he knew that there was no one who would ever capture his heart – he’d seen too many women vie for his attention, not because they liked him, or were willing to get to know him, but because they knew that 29-year-old Prince Ahbeh Mensah Ahmed Kwasi was not only rich, but in line for a throne and a country he never thought he’d reign over.

As he turned from the balcony, he stopped. Movement captured his attention. He trained his obsidian-colored eyes across the varying hues and types of plush tropical foliage and flowers that rested several feet from the crystal blue terrain of the Caribbean Sea. Mensah spotted a lone figure as it swam toward the shore. He watched intently as the figure reached the shore line, then rose slowly from the pristine water. He blinked, turned his head slightly to the right then narrowed his dark eyes, his full lips pursed. The figure had on a black wet suit that allowed him to make out the outline of hips and ample bosom. Reaching for his cell phone, he paused. His thick eye brows rose as the female pulled the wet suit down to reveal a white one-piece that stood in amazingly stark contrast to her mahogany skin. Absently, Mensah licked his lips. He loved mahogany.

He depressed a single digit then finally placed the cell to his ear. “Imam? Who is swimming on the east side of the island?”

Mensah absently nodded, his dark eyes fixed on the well-built female, as he listened to the head of security describe the stranger who had just slid out of the azure blue ocean and began crossing the isolated beach of white sand. “I see. Thank you, Imam. No. No, there are no problems. I will see father later. Shalom.”

The loud clang of the phone hitting the top of the railing before coming to rest on the marble flooring of the terrace momentarily stole his attention from the vexing view. He returned to his fixation, watching intently as she pulled the band from her hair, loosening twisted tresses to rest on her shoulders as she walked further from the ocean. Mensah even smiled when he noticed a large dog rush to her side. He watched as she knelt down, taking something from the animal’s mouth, looked it over, shook her head and then pitched the item over her shoulder. She rose, signaled with her hands toward the dog and then headed into the lush green foliage.

He had things to do. Heads of state to meet with concerning some additional business expansion for the island, lunch with a potential client, a tour of a newly opened resort and a dinner date with a woman he had met in the states who was coming to visit.

“Mensah?” from behind he heard his name called and recognized the voice as that belonging to his older brother, Helem. No matter the recent news, he smiled at hearing his brother’s voice.

Older by five years, Helem was always considered the most level headed of the three of them as evidenced by the types of business ventures he secured that would bring greater wealth to the already rich island. Mensah’s youngest brother, Olabisi, had been a child prodigy, playing over ten various instruments by the time he was five. Olabisi was a genius and a scientist, and was truly their mother’s favorite – only because mother had never had to scold him like she had Helem and Mensah. Especially Mensah.

Mensah smiled at that thought – he and his brothers were adventurous in just about everything – from sports to business; but one thing they didn’t share with Mensah was his adventurous spirit when it came to chasing women. Hands down, Mensah was a master.

“I’m on the terrace, brother,” Mensah responded, reluctantly turning his head from the mahogany beauty as she disappeared into the brush.

“Shalom,” Helem greeted his brother, wrapping him in his arms, kissing him on both cheeks. Mensah returned the loving gesture. “Have you eaten breakfast?”

“No. Have you?”

Helem shook his head. “Let’s go across the island and grab something. There’s much we have to discuss to get you ready and then I want to show you something on one of the other islands.”

Mensah absently grabbed his sun glasses and picked his cell phone up from the terrace floor. His curiosity, momentarily interrupted, had returned with a vengeance. He immediately wanted to know who the mahogany beauty was and he wasn’t willing to wait to ask his father.

“Go ahead. I’ll catch up with you in an hour.”

Mensah watched his brother as he narrowed his eyes.

“Ummm, uh. Okay. But do not stand me up, Mensah.”

“I won’t. I just got something to look at … I’m mean, look into.”

The sound of Helem’s laughter trailed behind him as he headed out of his brother’s living suite.

“Come on, Cousteau,” Trinity called out to her dog, a Cane Corso Mastiff, which she had gotten from her father as a puppy. “You can’t eat everything on this island. What are you trying to do, get us deported?” She tugged at her dog’s large jowls and smiled when Cousteau responded with a loud whine. “Oh, no, there will be no begging today.” She motioned with her hands, using sign language, to indicate she meant “no.”

Trinity shook her head, picked up Cousteau’s leash and the remaining samples she had retrieved from the sea. For the life of her, she couldn’t figure out what was killing off the jelly fish in large quantities and decided to ship several carcasses to a colleague in San Diego. As a result of the jelly fish dying, larger marine habitat was being affected as well. Just today, she had encountered what she thought was a rather lethargic bottlenose dolphin. To Trinity, the behavior of the mammal was more than odd – this species exhibited a natural curiosity of their surroundings. She had come across this female dolphin several times during her exploration, recognizing it from others she’d encountered by the deep marks on her dorsal fin. She had named the dolphin Dolly and found her to be quite curious, swimming and diving alongside and jumping up and out of the water over Trinity. On this day the playfulness and curiosity were missing – instead Dolly just swam alongside her.

She slipped her wet suit from her body down to the white one-piece bathing suit she wore underneath. Pulling her hair from its band, she paused. Cousteau stood by her side. She looked up just as the lone figure left the expansive terrace which overlooked the ocean. She had never seen anyone standing there, even though she had seen lights on when she would come out at night.

She loved the island and had jumped at the chance to work there when her friend from college, Olabisi, called her and asked her to come to investigate the odd findings among the island’s aquatic life.

Dr. Trinity Marie Nehemiah had arrived on the large island, established in 1785 by escaped slaves with the help of a rogue Moor pirate by the name of Enrique El LeSans who deposited some 200 captives on the island along with a share of booty – food, tools, jewels and gold – that had been seized from a slave frigate, the Brigantine Dembia, heading to America. Trinity loved listening to Olabisi proudly reveal the rich history of the island named Libertad Isle – Libertad meaning Liberty in Spanish. Olabisi went on to mention that the island closest to Libertad was named after the pirate, with inhabitants adding the word “saint” in front – thus the nearby island was known as St. LeSans.

Olabisi was third in succession for the crown. His father, who had hired Trinity, was the king of the grouping of five islands, with Libertad its largest with nearly 50,000 inhabitants. Economically sound, the island boasted a healthy, robust tourist trade, rare mineral deposits found in the multitude of caves that dotted the islands and the vast deposits of crude oil beneath the sea floor. Olabisi’s father, King Busarah, had assumed the throne when his mother, the queen, died at the ripe age of 100 some twenty years prior.

Trinity first met King Busarah when he had personally flown to San Diego to meet with Trinity and her father, Nigel. The king had assured Trinity’s father that she, Nigel’s only daughter and the baby of his clan of four boys, would be safe on Libertad Isle. He’d personally see to it.

She had frowned on the meeting – at 28 she had seen more of the world than most women, and men for that matter, her age had, but that still didn’t preclude her older brothers and father from being a little too over protective. So, when King Busarah met her father, he not only gave his word to protect her, but saw to it that Trinity would have whatever she needed, including a private villa, security, servants and transportation – a moped, a high-speed jet boat and a helicopter whenever she needed to travel the farther islands. Travel on each island was limited to small vehicles, bicycles and mopeds. A boat was needed to access the nearby surrounding islands – islands King Busarah’s ancestors helped to establish and added to the wealth of Libertad Isle.

Trinity agreed to the villa and two modes of transportation, a moped and motor boat, which is what she needed for her work, but she shunned a security detail and servants. She had Cousteau for protection, was pretty handy with a weapon and more than adept at cooking and cleaning.

Her thoughts back to the present, Trinity began singing a medley of Aretha Franklin tunes as she and Cousteau walked the trail leading to the three-story villa a short distance from the beach. At night, she loved to sit out on the roof-top veranda in one of the oversized pieces of patio furniture. The veranda boasted an unobstructed view of the ocean and provided her with one of her favorite past times – watching a full, high moon, its reflection rippling atop the ocean, surrounded by bright, winking stars overhead. Adding to the pleasing aesthetics were the sounds of the tide rolling in and out. Many a night, as she lay in her queen-sized bed covered by an ivory canopy of netting the sounds from the ocean had lulled her to sleep with Cousteau lazily lying at the foot of the bed. No matter what Trinity did, she couldn’t break Cousteau of the habit of sleeping at the foot of the bed – a habit her dog had taken up once they moved to the island.

Trinity stopped singing when Cousteau moved from her side to stand in front of her, a low growl emitting from her massive jowls.

“I have never been a pet’s meal,” Trinity heard the deep voice tinged with a noticeable island lilt. She watched as a tall, muscular man, his smooth skin a warm sepia, his eyes shaded by sunglasses, stepped out onto the path. “How vicious is that large animal?” He pointed then held up his hands in surrender. Trinity raised her right eyebrow when she noticed that Cousteau stopped growling as she sat on her hinds.

“Well, she’s not what I would call vicious,” Trinity replied, patting Cousteau on top of her large head. “But she is quite fond and protective of her master – she takes her time to warm up to strangers.”

“Good to hear,” he replied.

Trinity waited, watched the smooth-skinned brother watch her. She couldn’t see his eyes, but knew from the way he stood nearly motionless that he was studying her intently. She decided to break the spell. “Is there something I can help you with?”

“I was just wondering who was swimming in the waters.” He angled his head toward the crystal blue sea.

“Who wants to know?”

For Mensah, he wanted to keep her talking, wanted to hear the clear, warm, perfect cadence of her slightly raspy, but alluring voice. Closing his eyes briefly, he was glad his eyes were shielded behind sunglasses, for he couldn’t help but stare at the mahogany beauty standing in front of him. The sunglasses allowed him to feast unabashed, eyeing her from the tops of her crown of burnish bronze, sun-kissed mini-locs, to the cleavage of her ample breasts peeking from the top the white one-piece swim suit, down to her narrow waist, shapely hips and long, muscular legs. Legs made for wrapping around a man’s waist.

Mensah shook his head slightly and forced his eyes to train on her face, noting the shape of her lips – smooth with a slight pout. If he had no home training, he would have grabbed her and sampled the bewitching mouth, sure the feel of his lips would be just the beginning …

He thought she had asked him something, he knew he heard the sound of her of husky voice, wanted to hear her call his name, more than once. Crazy. He’d never …

“Again, who wants to know?” he heard her ask. Her question pulled him from assessing her mouth to staring into her eyes, which he noted was an arresting color – a light auburn with flecks of gold. He shook his foot, thinking one of the small island salamanders had scurried across it, but when he glanced down, he saw nothing.

He stepped closer and could see the sun playing off the varying colors of brown, bronze and gold mingling in the micro locs resting on her shoulders.

“How rude of me,” he said, removing his sunglasses. He placed his hand out toward her. He noted her pet watching the interaction, thought better, then placed his glasses in his breast pocket before placing his hands in the trouser pockets. “I am Prince Ahbeh Mensah Ahmed Kwasi, son of King Busarah Ahmed Kwasi and heir of Libertad Isle. My friends and family call me Mensah. And you can, too.” He affected a sensuous smile.

Trinity tapped down the urge to respond with a less than feminine retort – something that rhymed with truck. She didn’t release the items in her hands to return the gesture and held back the chuckle that wanted to bubble forth following his introduction – she wondered why on earth he had to tell her his whole name, who his daddy was and his stately position on the island. To say she was so unimpressed would be outright rude. Instead, she smirked when in fact she really wanted to gawk – she had seen some good-looking men in her day, her brothers and father were quite handsome, but the man standing in front of her was shockingly gorgeous. Yes, he was truly fine – his full lips were perfect, and luscious, and looked as if they were made for kissing – and his handsome broad nose, with nostrils that flared slightly, and his chiseled, clean shaven head and square jaw made her think of Tyrese. He was too good looking – just scrumptious – with eyes so dark they looked like stones of onyx. And his deep voice – OMG – could melt the panties off a woman. She caught the glint of a diamond stud. Nothing overly ostentatious, but enough to let you know it was there.

She shook her head, thinking, so, this is the playboy prince of Libertad. Trinity had heard a lot about him. But she’d be doggone if she would get caught up in the web of this infamous playboy’s antics. His reputation had truly preceded him. Just the other day she had overheard several of the women in the square talk about his sexual exploits going so far as to say he had bedded five women in one night and that he was quite healthy in the nether region. Trinity didn’t stick around to hear the rest – she had brothers and knew that their father frowned on loose ways, be it from men or women.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Trinity. And sorry I have to run, but I have some specimens I need place in the refrigerator soon.” She waited a beat and watched as his eyes took on odd emotions – one she recognized as unsurety. She didn’t wait for his response, nor did she bother introducing herself using all of her credentials. She bid him good bye before speaking to her dog. “Come, Cousteau.” She stepped around Mensah and continued to the villa. One thing she would not do is become involved with the King’s sons – especially this one.

Trinity kept her head high, refusing to look back over her shoulder to get one last glance at that sepia god standing at least six foot something, his arms straining the light Gosselin fabric of his button-down shirt, and the way the linen pants made a wicked puzzle of his massive thighs. Yeah, she had checked him out, but she didn’t want any parts of a man who made sport out of bedding women. No, she wanted nothing to do with Prince Ahbeh Mensah Ahmed Kwasi, son of King Busarah she silently mimicked.

Cousteau walked a few paces in front of Trinity as they neared the gate to the villa. Unable to resist, Trinity turned as she opened the gate and saw Mensah still standing in the same spot where she’d just left him. She wanted to laugh as he stood stone still, his hands now on his hips and his chin jutting upward. Guess he’s never been dismissed she mused and then chuckled under her breath, Well, there’s always a first time for everything.


( Continued… )

Heat at First Sight By Barbara Keaton. © Copyright 2019. All Rights Reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author’s written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only.


A Chicago native, Barbara Keaton loves the city and says she cannot imagine living anywhere else. Educated in Catholic schools up until 12th grade, Barbara credits the Oblate Sisters of Providence, the oldest order of black nuns, and her late maternal grandfather, Thomas Hill, for her love and respect of the written word.

Barbara’s first romance novel, All I Ask, was published in 2000. Since then she’s gone on to write thirteen total romance novels which celebrate black love. In addition to her books, she’s also written several articles and editorials that have appeared in various publications: Today’s Black Woman Magazine; The Chicago Crusader; The Chicago Defender; The Chicago Reader; Bronze Thrills; True Confessions; and, Affaire de Coeur.

Barbara holds a MS in Journalism from Roosevelt University and belongs to several civic and professional organizations, namely Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. In her spare time, she’s an avid reader and writer. Married to a minister, Barbara has no children of her own, but she considers her niece and nephew, Stephanie and Matthew, and her step-daughter, Candice, as her “babies”. In addition, she’s a grandma and a great-aunt. Barbara lives by a personal credo: I ANSWER TO TWO—MY GOD AND MYSELF! You can check Barbara out at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Barbara-Keaton-582585395172168/


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Intimate Conversation with Barbara Keaton 

A Chicago native, Barbara Keaton loves the city and says she cannot imagine living anywhere else. Educated in Catholic schools up until 12th grade, Barbara credits the Oblate Sisters of Providence, the oldest order of black nuns, and her late maternal grandfather, Thomas Hill, for her love and respect of the written word.

Barbara’s first romance novel, All I Ask, was published in 2000. Since then she’s gone on to write thirteen total romance novels which celebrate black love. In addition to her books, she’s also written several articles and editorials that have appeared in various publications: Today’s Black Woman Magazine; The Chicago Crusader; The Chicago Defender; The Chicago Reader; Bronze Thrills; True Confessions; and, Affaire de Coeur.

Barbara holds a MS in Journalism from Roosevelt University and belongs to several civic and professional organizations, namely Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. In her spare time, she’s an avid reader and writer. Married to a minister, Barbara has no children of her own, but she considers her niece and nephew, Stephanie and Matthew, and her step-daughter, Candice, as her “babies”. In addition, she’s a grandma and a great-aunt. Barbara lives by a personal credo: I ANSWER TO TWO—MY GOD AND MYSELF! You can check Barbara out at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Barbara-Keaton-582585395172168/

BPM: What inspired you to become a romance writer? How long have you been writing?
I’ve been writing since I was like 11. My first diary is dated Jan. 1975; and I really don’t recall not writing. In regards to romance, I wrote All I Ask when my first marriage began to crumble – it was all that I had wished my first husband had been. After my divorced in 1998, I sent the manuscript to Genesis Press – got a letter some months later saying welcome to Genesis Press. In 2000 All I Ask hit the shelves and with a small break in novel writing, I’ve been writing ever since. Also, I love a GOOD love story, even more so Black love!

BPM: How do you think you’ve evolved creatively?
Wow, this is a good question. Once I wrote a heavy romantic story – light on drama, heavy on romance. And even I loved it. The hero and heroine were totally into each other from first glance. When I saw the reviews I realized that I had achieved what I set out to do. Then I wrote a romantic suspense, that didn’t start out that way – again, the views came back and I was like: that was what I was aiming for. So, over the years, I’ve tried to draw characters who are realistic, yet very loving, low drama, instant chemistry, going the distance to prove their love, while drawing more complex characters.

BPM: Do you view writing as a kind of spiritual practice?
Not sure about that. I do realize that there are changes in the business and I need to be aware of and abreast of those chances and how it may impact my work.

BPM: How has writing romance novels impacted your life?
It has been my outlet – my way to tell a story that hopefully plants in readers minds that we as people of color love – we love true, we love hard, we love to eternity. I truly enjoy creating the types of characters who are strong, independent, loving, protective – engaging in non-traditional professional roles. I’ve written about lawyers, archaeologists, and now a prince.

BPM: What was one of the most surprising things you learned while creating your body of work?
I love my characters – they are sorta like me or are who I once dreamed I could be. Also, I’ve learned that if I stay true to myself that all would work out. I had a publisher that wanted me to roll over into interracial – I wanted then, and I still want to now, showcase black love.

BPM: How do you find or make time to write? Are you a plotter or a pantster?
Deadline is a serious motivator and when its on I write every evening after I get home from work. I don’t write at work – its a lot going on anyway. Before I re-married in 2012, I used to write on the weekends as well. With a hubby, I must save some time for him! 

I’m a pantster – I don’t find plotting out the story too appealing – I like letting the characters run away with very little restraint from me. As a matter of fact I’m a serial pantster – all of my work has been created this way. I consistently build on what I’ve started until I get this feeling inside that says: oh, yeah, Barbara – that’s it!

BPM: Have you considered writing in another genre?
Actually I have, in women’s contemporary. But for now, I’m still hooked on romance!

BPM: What is your story Heat at First Sight from the Love Like It’s Hot Book Set about?
A notorious playboy has to assume the throne of his island country because his father is retiring and his oldest brother is abdicating. In order for him to be king, he must be married. Well, he has no prospects and he doesn’t like the two women his mother chose for him. Then he meets the marine biologist hired to research what’s impacting the marine life. When the playboy prince sees her – its game on! Yet, he falls hard for her and sets out to marry her within 30 days – on the day of the island’s Independence Day. Will he succeed in getting her to agree?

BPM: Give us some insight into your main characters. What makes each one so special?
Mensah is a super smart, extremely intelligent business man who works to ensure the financial longevity of the island his family has ruled over for centuries – since the middle passage. An unapologetic playboy, he has a side of him he won’t show women. His having to assume the role of King as well as having to marry to do so has him flustered until he meets Trinity.

Trinity Nehemiah is a doctor of marine biology. She’s independent, smart and loves her work researching eco impacts on large bodies of water. The youngest of four boys, she loves adventure. When she meets Prince Mensah, she’s attracted on sight, but his show of arrogance turned her off. After a dinner with him and his family, she sees something there and allows him to insinuate himself into her life and her research – realizing no man had ever truly been interested her, in what drives her, nor her what her passion is.

BPM: Share one specific point in your book that resonated with your present situation or journey.
Change is inevitable and change can be good.

BPM: Is there a specific place/space/state that you find inspiration in?
I’m a chatty person who loves a good book, a good movie and hanging with people. I talk to just about everybody I come into contact with. I’m also a news junkie and I get out of sorts if I haven’t heard any in a couple of days. And I do ease drop on conversations heard in the store, at the beauty salon. LOL! As for where I write, I have a home office – so that’s where I write.

BPM: Do you want each book to stand on its own or do you prefer to write series?
Both, even though I’ve written two books that were connected – All I Ask and By Design.

BPM: Does writing energize you?
Yes, it does. I’ve got tons of characters running around in my head, trying to love and make it on paper!

BPM: Do you believe in writer’s block?
Yes, I do – there are times when I’ve written lines that just don’t flow – that just doesn’t make me smile or engage me. I’ve learned, though, to set it aside and allow myself to become distracted by something else. If it still isn’t quite right I start over or save it and store it – it may be useful in something else.

BPM: Is there one subject you would never write about as an author?
S&M/bondage- I’m way too sensitive for it, too sappy and don’t want to be spanked. Besides, to me, there is nothing loving or romantic in being beaten or chained.

BPM: Is there a certain type of scene that’s harder for you to write than others?
Anger – I’m rarely angry; oh, I get miffed, a bit upset, but anger is a hard emotion for me – it means being knocked off my square, so to speak, and anger tends to cause individuals to use hurtful words. I know that once words are out there they can take on a life of their own and angry words can and does irreparable harm. I know – I still remember things said to me out of anger or things I’ve said.

BPM: What projects are you working on at the present?
I have a series I’ve started…its about Football. I’m hoping to interest someone one of these days. I’m also working on a story about a single father.

BPM: Tell us about your most recent work beyond this collection. Available on Nook and Kindle?
I re-edited and re-released a short story: Show Me. Its an older woman, younger man romance. It’s available at Amazon.com and B&N.com

BPM: What is your preferred method to have readers get in touch with or follow you?
Email: barbkwrites@gmail.com, Facebook: 
https://www.facebook.com/Barbara-Keaton-582585395172168/, Twitter: @barbarakeaton26


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