Calvin’s Trick or Treat by Tucker Davis

Every player can be played.

With his recent promotion, accommodating women and fun loving personality, Calvin Jameson was enjoying life to the fullest.  But his life is turned upside down the minute he reads a text from Tricia Martin, a woman with whom he spent two blissful weeks.  Tricia’s text proclaiming she is pregnant and Calvin is the father sent his life into a downward spiral.  Calvin shouts to the world the unborn baby is not his. So why does he pretend to be engaged to Tricia when his heart has latched onto Amber Kennedy?  Is this all a trick, if so, who is tricking whom?

Amber Kennedy desired a man to love her and her only with all the passion she read about in novels.  Calvin Jameson’s reputation preceded him, which is why Amber wanted to run and hide the second she laid eyes on Calvin the first day of her defensive driving class.  However, her feet, eyes and heart planted her in place, hoping he was the man she was waiting to love.  Would Calvin prove to be the treat her heart longs for or is it all an illusion?

Excerpt from Calvin’s Trick or Treat

Calvin decided to raise the conversation from earlier. “Tell me, why I horrified you when we were in college? The last time I saw you was at a frat party. You were standing by the beer keg and smiling. You looked rather pretty in your black miniskirt and tank top. You were standing there bopping to the beat of the music and your friend was winking her eyes at me. But I was too busy checking you out to give her the time of day. I approached to talk to you and you stalked off leaving your friend behind.”

[...]  She was beginning to feel the area between her thighs warm up. Amber cleared her throat. In the short time since they had left the classroom, she had decided to tell Calvin the truth.

[...] “When I was at Spelman, I was young and dumb. The first few years I assumed I would meet Mr. Right and fall in love. But I quickly realized all the Mr. Rights merely wanted sex. So I denied them the satisfaction. Unfortunately, that meant I was a virgin most of my college life. The night you saw me, I had decided I was going to become a sexy vixen. I dressed in that black miniskirt and headed to the frat house. I did not want love. I wanted hot passionate sex. Then you walked in like you were on the prowl.

One look at you and I knew I was scared to act like something I wasn’t. I could not handle a man like you, one who bedded women like he changed his clothes. I was ill prepared for the attention or experience. So I got pissed at you for making me have a reality check. I wasn’t horrified by you, but by the type of man you represented. You represented men who only wanted sex without a desire for a long term relationship. I realized I was not ready for the likes of you. I wanted more.” She lowered her eyes to her food and began picking at the chicken.

Calvin rubbed his right hand across his chin. He analyzed what Amber just said to him.  “Hmm. Interesting.”   These were the only words he spoke for a minute or so.

( The Story Continues … )

Excerpt from Calvin’s Trick or Treat by Tucker Davis. Copyright © 2012 by author Tucker Davis.  No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission from the publisher. Excerpt provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this website or blog.  Books available on Amazon and where ever books are sold.


Calvin’s Trick or Treat by Tucker Davis
Romance;  Book 2 Chasing Love Series
ISBN: 978-1432784157

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Meet the Author: Tucker Davis


Tucker Davis is an Atlanta native who writes in her down time after raising two young children, caring for her husband, working as a full-time attorney and being active in community service organizations. She has had a love of writing since she was in high school, which grew from a desire to travel to other places. Tucker, a naturally risk adverse person, often lived her adventures through reading. She even blames her poor eyesight on sneaking to read books in the darkness of her bedroom when she was supposed to be asleep.

It wasn't until she discovered authors like John Grissom, Terry McMillan, Brenda Jackson, Kayla Perrin and Rochelle Alers that her desire to tell her own stories was fed. She decided it was time to share the stories she allowed to play out in her mind. Thus, she penned her first novel, Misplaced Desires, which will be published in 2012 under the Twisted Pleasures series.

With life things happen and our paths are altered. More specifically, Tucker became engrossed in bearing and raising her children, climbing the corporate ladder and battling breast cancer. These crossroads changed her plans to publish her first novel a bit, but they did not deter her. She published legal articles, but they did not quench her thirst to publish romance novels.

Her first published novel Derrin's Hot Pursuit brings to life the story of Derrin, one of five African-American men who, for varying reasons, want to avoid long term commitments and falling love. It is their fear of losing the women they have unexpectedly began to adore, that drives them to confront their fears head on. Take the journey with Tucker Davis as we follow Derrin, Marcus, Calvin, Jared, and Ennis when they chase love.

You can reach Tucker Davis at:,  or   by following her on Twitter @TuckerDavis11,  “friending” her on Facebook at:!/danatdavis   or   by visiting her website at:




Derrin's Hot Pursuit: A Chasing Love Novel 
by Tucker Davis

Some things are worth waiting for . . . while others are worth chasing.

Ever since Derrin Reynolds’ ex-fiancé Nicole cheated on him and left to marry another man, Derrin vowed to never fall in love again.  The single life suited him just fine until one night changed everything. Derrin woke up in bed with his sister’s best friend Chloe Dancy.  But this time his ‘one and done’ motto was not enough for Derrin.  He wanted more, he wanted it all.  Would Chloe help heal his heart so he could give love a second chance? Or would she run from his love as fast as she can?

Chloe Dancy has avoided the company of a man for so long she does not know how to handle a man like Derrin, but once she gets a taste of Derrin will she jump head first into the dating scene or twist her way into Derrin’s heart?  Only time will tell.


SNEAK PEEK:  Derrin's Hot Pursuit
Book 1 in the Chasing Love Series

CHAPTER ONE - Five months earlier…


Chloe had come in the bedroom to escape the party scene.  She claimed to have had a migraine headache and just needed to lie down.  But the B.C. powder and Coca-Cola she gulped down took its toll very quickly and she could hardly keep her eyes open.  She fell on the bed and was sleep before her head hit the pillow.  Unknown to her, Derrin was already sleeping in the king sized bed exhausted from jet lag coupled with too many shots of Patron.

Chloe obviously was dreaming about something erotic because she moaned in her sleep.  Her breathy moans caused something in Derrin to react and he inched closer to her with each sound.  He felt as though he was being called by something out of his control.  He believed he was dreaming and decided to just go with it and see where the dream took him. It took him right up behind Chloe in the bed.  As the front of his thigh brushed up against her round firm, yet soft butt, he threw his leg over her as she slept on her side.  The weight of his leg and the slight touch of his manhood against the middle of her butt made Chloe groan with heated expectation.  She naturally scooted back against him.  The softness of her butt was a trigger for his hand to caress and stroke her breasts.  The more he touched her, the more intense her moans became.

Derrin, being the woman loving player he was, went into autopilot.  He lay sleep and unaware of his body’s reaction and interaction with Chloe Dancy.  The lime green v-neck chiffon shirt she wore allowed his large chocolate brown hands easy access to her bra.  With only a flick of his wrist, he had unclasped her bra and was caressing her nipples until they were perky buds waiting to be tasted. Chloe moaned and unknowingly pleaded for him to satisfy her.

His subconscious mind attempted to let him know this was no dream, but he ignored it. As he continued to caress her breasts, she turned to face him.  The soft scent of her perfume and the aroused scent of her sexual readiness began to torture his senses.  He licked his lips and inched his head closer to her face. Within seconds his lips were pressed against her ears.  He nibbled on them and they tasted like kiwi.  He loved kiwi.

The moistness of his lips and tongue caused her to pull his face, and ultimately his lips, towards her mouth.  Then it happened, their lips touched and their tongues began a sensual mating dance.  She tasted like peppermint. He could not get enough.  His hot tongue glided over her tongue.  He nipped at her lips.  He continued the oral assault on her mouth until she threw her head back and sighed.  She was near climax from his kiss.

He rolled over on top of her and eased his hand up her mini skirt.  No panties, pay dirt. He subconsciously thought.  His hands moved slightly across her thighs and then slowly and gently pressed against the core of her womanhood. She was hot, soft and wet.  His erection grew with each touch.  Derrin whispered in her ear, “Open for me baby.” He softly cooed in her ear.

She responded without hesitation. His fingers stroked her womanly folds, first with swirls then with flicks.  Chloe was beyond hot and bothered now.  She threw her legs open like a butterfly and begged, “Please.  Now.”   Even a sleep and drunken Derrin could not deny a woman’s pleas for satisfaction. As he began kissing her again, he pushed back from her, unzipped his pants, and freed his manhood.  Sensing the presence of his manhood, Chloe softly moved the tips of her fingers from the base to the head.

She smiled in her sedated state.

Derrin slowly pressed his manhood at the entrance of her heavenly gate.  She mumbled pleas for satisfaction. He eased inside her.  Hmm, what’s that, he thought.  He figured he did not have the strength he normally did since this was a dream.  With a little more pressure he entered her. Her moans sounded like a cry.  He halted his movement and lay still.  Something was wrong. Then her body began to meld to him and grip him with the pull of a plunger.

Then it happened.  She opened her eyes and saw him lying on top of her. She could not see his face.

Who is this man with creamy brown skin, dark low cut curly hair lying on top of me?  No, lying inside of me. Chloe adjusted her head to try to get a better glimpse of his face. Then his identity became evident. She knew his every feature even without seeing his eyes.  Derrin.    

(  Continued...  )

© 2011 All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author Tucker Davis.   This excerpt has been adapted for general audience previewing. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author's written permission. Copyright infringement is a serious offense. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only. Share a link to this page or the author's website if you really like this promotional excerpt.

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ISBN: 978-1-4327-8236-8

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Intimate Conversation with Tucker Davis


Tucker Davis is an Atlanta native who writes in her down time after raising two young children, caring for her husband, working as a full-time attorney and being active in community service organizations. She has had a love of writing since she was in high school, which grew from a desire to travel to other places. Tucker, a naturally risk adverse person, often lived her adventures through reading. She sat still long enough to pen her first novel, Misplaced Desires, which will be published under her Twisted Pleasures brand.     

Her first published novel in the
Chasing Love series, Derrin's Hot Pursuit, brings to life the story of Derrin, one of five African-American male friends, who, for varying reasons, want to avoid long term commitments and falling love. Take the journey with Tucker Davis as we follow Derrin, Marcus, Calvin, Jared, and Ennis when they chase love.

BPM:  Introduce us to your book and the main characters. What makes each one special? Do you have any favorites?
Calvin’s Trick or Treat is the second novel in the
Chasing Love series.  The series began with Derrin’s Hot Pursuit where a group of five young, educated, professional and fun loving African-American men unknowingly embarked on a journey to find love.  All of these men, well except for Jared, are trying to avoid long term commitments, gold-diggers, and marriage. Derrin is a secret millionaire due to a chance investment with a crooked banker.  His story set the groundwork for Calvin Jameson, who is the eldest son of a career military father.  He grew frustrated with the constant travel and change in schools and friends when he was in his last year of high school. So he decided to remain in Atlanta, Georgia when his father was set to depart to parts unknown. 

He ultimately made friends with Derrin and his sister Kenya and followed Derrin to Morehouse College where they remained friends.  Calvin has been promoted to a Vice President position in a local credit union. He is living large and spending time with women just long enough to sex them, get bored and move on.  The only women he cares for are his mother and sister.  As the story develops we will see how Calvin's life is changed when he tries to protect his mother.

Along comes Tricia Martin who he dates for about two weeks.  Little does Calvin know, but his reaction to Tricia’s text, that she is pregnant from him, will lead him to a defensive driving class where he reconnects with Amber Kennedy.  Amber is a single pharmaceutical representative who has a love of speeding.  She ends up in the defensive driving class because she gets five traffic tickets in one day. She dreads having to be around Calvin for the time they are in the class because she has longed for him since she was in high school.  As Calvin and Amber began to trust each other, Calvin’s world is turned upside down and his decisions drive her away.  As with real life, his friends from the first novel make appearances in this story to help guide him along the way.

BPM:  Which character or topic in
Calvin’s Trick or Treat can you identify with the most? Why?
I don’t identify with any main characters in Calvin’s Trick or Treat; however, I have always believed that Kenya is the character who closely matches my personality.  With Kenya you get what you see and nothing else.  I do try to use real life situations or conversations to develop my characters and make them seem familiar to the reader.

BPM:  What inspired you to write this book?  Does your faith or education inspire your writing?
I have been fortunate to have just passed eighteen years with my husband, but I have friends who have not found that special someone.  My friends often fell in love with the wrong men or refused to date those who claimed to be adverse to long term commitments.  I knew from experience that men will change their outlook on long term commitment if they find that special someone who isn’t playing games and has something to bring to the table, even have their own table.  Those are the women and men I wanted to write about.  I don’t read street literature or erotica so my goal to write something in between. Well, this story is part of a romance series focused on five African-American males who don't want relationships for one reason or another. This book was written to further share their stories and lives and how they can find love when they least expect.  

BPM:  Are any scenes from the book borrowed from your world?
Yes, Amber, the lead female character lives alone in a two story townhouse and has all the material possessions of success yet she still managed to get five traffic tickets in one day. Before I met my husband I lived in a two story townhouse and owned the material possessions I thought made me happy.  And, yes, I got 5 traffic tickets in one day just as Amber describes in the story.  I have a set of twin uncles named Ronald and Donald just like Amber.  I slipped in a few details from my life into the story to make it seem believable.  

BPM:   Who do you want to reach with your books and the message enclosed?
I read to escape issues, find adventure and meet new people.  For this reason, I try to ensure there are twists and continuing conflicts to keep the reader interested, but I don’t like to read about main characters dying at the end, divorcing or losing faith in love.  So my novels are intended for mature persons you love happy endings.

BPM:  Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?
I want readers to experience of several emotions by the time they finish one of my stories.  I want to them laugh out loud, shed a tear, hate a character or two and learn that love and overcome every negative situation.

BPM:  Share with us your latest news or upcoming book releases. How may our readers follow you online?
Since the ebook as been available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble since March, I am happy to have Calvin’s story in paperback after a lengthy issue with the publisher.  I am now entering the process to publish Marcus and Kenya’s story entitled Marcus’ Dreams Fulfilled. 

Initially, their story was set to be a novella but my fans wrote me and requested their story.  I am sure my fans want to know what happens when two head strong and opinionated people began a relationship.  All I can say is Kenya is a demanding spoiled brat and Marcus is a real man, who is not going to allow her to get her way if it puts her in harm’s way. While, I was working on Marcus’ Dreams Fulfilled, I learned I was a finalist in the 2012 Indie Book Awards in the Romance category. I was very excited to have an independent group honor my work.


You can reach Tucker Davis at:,  or   by following her on Twitter @TuckerDavis11,  “friending” her on Facebook at:!/danatdavis   or   by visiting her website at:





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