In the Still of the Night: Personal Safety for Women 
by Andrea Foy

Andrea Foy is an award winning author of Hire Power; How to Find, Get, And Keep a Job. Her knowledge of business and professionalism comes from over 25 years of customer service experience working for companies such as McDonald’s, Sears, Delta and USAir Airlines, American Express Financial Advisors, Sharkey’s Modeling and Talent Agency and the Federal Government. She has a Bachelors in Liberal Arts/Communications and a Masters in Business and Technology specializing in Management and Leadership. She lives in Ohio.

BPM: Do you have anyone in your life that was heavily influential in your deciding to become an author?
A self-published author encouraged me to ‘Just Do It’ at a book signing several years ago. I started that night and haven’t stopped.  My fifth grade teacher encouraged my parents to “Keep her writing.” That was the first time I realized I had a gift.

BPM: Tell us about your passion for writing. Why do you write? What drives you? What impact do you want your book to make on the readers?
I definitely have a passion for writing.  It just comes out of me.  I don’t have to plan or sit and wait for it.  It is either there or it isn’t.  I don’t panic when I get writer’s block because I know it is temporary and I wait for my muse to visit again.

Wanting to communicate drives me, I feel I have something to say, it is as simple as that.  I feel everybody has something to say. The impact I hope to make with readers is to make them think about things they may already know, just do not have time to think about. It is like a funnel.  There is so much info out there today; sometimes it is hard to remember everything.  I like finding out the important stuff and present it to people.  It’s kind of like an information assistant!

BPM: What is the most surprising thing you have learned from publishing your book?
It is very hard, no matter how good the book is, it is hard to get it out there.

BPM: Introduce us to your book. What's the primary message?
The book is titled, In the Still of the Night: Personal Safety for Women,  from the Professional Woman Network (PWN)

Violence against women exists in all cultures, ages, religions, sexual orientations, educational backgrounds and income levels. The World's Women 2010: Trends and Statistics report from the United Nations’ Statistics Division’s reveals these key findings:

· Violence against women is a universal phenomenon
· Women are subjected to different forms of violence – physical, sexual, psychological and economic – both within and outside their homes.
· Rates of women experiencing physical violence at least once in their lifetime vary from several per cent to over 59 per cent depending on where they live.

In The Still of the Night includes over 100 personal safety tips for women including

· How to make your home safe when you are there and when you are not
· Safety tips for travelling in a car, bus, or train
· Cruise safety tips for travelling alone or with a group
· Safety tips for young women going to college

BPM: What inspired you to write this book? Does your faith or education inspire your writing?
I am a former flight attendant. Personal safety came to the forefront for me when another FA was killed on duty while I was in training. That was a big wake up call. I felt a need to share some of my observations and experiences as a result.

BPM: Is this the book you intended on writing or did it take on a life of its own as you were writing? How do you stay focused?
This is the book I wanted. I stay focused by outlining and mind-mapping. I get my thoughts out in front of me and go from there.

BPM: Who do you want to reach with your book and the message enclosed?
This book will help all women 12-102 and the men that love them!  So many people asked me if I was afraid to travel by myself, during and after the incident, so this book is the answer. Pay attention to the little things, so you can live your life to the fullest and not be too afraid to do it!

BPM: Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?
Self empowerment. Don’t let anything stop you! See the world, be safe doing it!

BPM:  Tell us about your non-fiction book, HIRE POWER: How to Find, Get, and Keep a Job. What are the main subjects discussed?
My book is a non-fiction book for the mature YA reader, with tips on job hunting, customer service and working in general.

BPM: What would you say has been your most significant achievement with this book?
This book started with a Toastmaster’s speech that got very positive feedback and requests for more information.  That certainly made me recognize it was needed.

BPM: How important is reading to you?
Communicating in some way, talking, reading, writing, it is like breathing to me. It calms me down and soothes me, no matter what the content.

BPM: What are you most thankful for today?
My family, my health, my success, friends, talent and the Obama family!  I am thankful for being a published author.  It is one of the most challenging but rewarding things you can do in life.  Being a self-published author puts you in complete control and it is nice.

BPM: What advice would you give a person who wants to tell their story?
Tell it, get it out, it is like therapy.  Don’t worry or try to be rich and famous.  Just be glad if one person says it helped them.  That is the most important thing.

BPM: What can we expect from you in the future?
I am going to do more on my Hire Power (employment) series, a fiction serial, and several chapters in anthologies are on the way in the next year!

BPM: Share with us your latest news or upcoming book releases.
I have a chapter in a coauthored book called “An African American Women’s Guide to Single and Loving It:  And am working on professional speaking engagements.

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How to Find, Get, and Keep a Job
by Andrea Foy

Dan Poynter's Global eBook Awards is proud to announce the 2011 Winner in the Careers/Employment category: Hire Power: How to Find, Get, and Keep a Job.  If one-third of your life is spent at work, why not make it enjoyable?   Hire Power is a how-to guide that steps you through the process of landing the job you want—yes; want—to knowing when to leave for better opportunities. Congratulations to Andrea Foy!

HIRE POWER:  How to Find, Get, and Keep a Job  by Andrea Foy
Hire Power is a how-to guide that steps you through the process of landing the job you want—yes; want—to knowing when to leave for better opportunities. Geared toward the workplace neophyte, this book provides insight for the experienced employee too.
In Hire Power you will learn:

**  Basic business etiquette
**  The elements of a resume
**  How to complete an application
**  Appropriate and inappropriate attire for an interview
**  How to deal with coworkers, bosses and customers
**  How job performance can lead to great appraisals and promotions

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Excerpt: Chapter 3


Applying for a Job

The first thing you want to do when starting a job search is DREAM!   Take time to decide what you want to do. Back in my parents’ day, people worked for the same employer and to what time it regardless even if they didn't like the job. Nowadays the average is seven jobs before retirement. Whether it's a desire to go to college after post-high-school employment, a planned career change or loss of work due a volatile economy, employer/employee loyalty has waned. A little preparation while not employed will do wonders for your career and life.

Mind mapping is a great exercise to help organize employment options. The process starts with a broad theme and then incorporates brainstorming to narrow the focus. Use a sheet of paper or poster board and colored pencils to write what you like or want. For example, if you like animals right to work ANIMALS in the center of the paper and then circle it. From the circle draw several lines so that appears to be a sun with rays. The brainstorming component considers different professions that deal with your like: animals. Write each profession-veterinarian, pet store owner, rescue shelter, as well as just, dog trainer, groomer, etc.-on a different sunray.

The next phase of brainstorming looks at each profession in more detail. Consider what the job entails and what it takes to acquire the job. Let's start with veterinarian. Draw several lines under the veterinarian sunray. Words like COLLEGE, INCOME, SICK PETS, SURGERY, EMPLOYEES, etc. will be placed on those lines. Repeat the process for each profession until you have developed a, good list of information. If you choose to study veterinary medicine for eight years, you can work as a receptionist at animal clinic to gain experience and be close to your like.

Even if you're not in dire need of a job, do not go to the first company that offers you a position. Do your research. Compare and contrast. Evaluate pay them benefits; analyze the location of travel and aspects. Consider work hours and your availability. You would do yourself a disservice by accepting the job that makes you miserable.

Apply for a job at a company where you'd like to work. Do the employees seem happy? What is the business’ appearance?  Does the company to promote from within? Can you envision management or even owning the business over time? Is the location easily accessible by car or mass transit? Begin with the end in mind. Think about the future beyond tomorrow. You may have to spend a lot of time away from family and friends so may not why not make the work environment almost as enjoyable as being at home.

Far too many people take a job for the money and end up disappointed, frustrated and miserable. To make matters worse, they transfer that dissatisfaction to their co-workers making the workplace a difficult environment for others.

Simplify your life. Be proactive and go where you want to work versus where you have to work. Applying anywhere for financial reasons only doesn’t it benefit you or your employer. Research companies in which you expect to excel. How can you best help the company?


Copyright © 2009 by ANDREA FOY.  Excerpted by permission of the author. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this website.

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Meet Andrea Foy

Andrea Foy is an author, speaker and coach.  She conducts workshops and seminars on topics such as: Women in Management, Leadership Skills for Women, Professional Presentation Skills, Self Esteem, Assertiveness, Diversity, Leadership Skills and Business Etiquette. Ms. Foy has been certified by the Professional Woman Network as a Professional Coach and Diversity Consultant.

Ms. Foy’s knowledge of business and professionalism comes from over 20 years of customer service experience working for companies such as McDonald’s, Sears, Delta and USAir Airlines, American Express Financial Advisors, Sharkey’s Modeling and Talent Agency the Federal Government. She is a member of Professional Women’s Network and the National Black MBA Association.  Among her many accomplishments, Ms. Foy has authored her first book, has a Bachelor’s in Communications from Wright State University and is working on her Master’s Degree in Business and Technology specializing in Management and Leadership from Capella University. She is also an Advanced Communicator with Toastmasters International.

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