Here are two Thanksgiving gifts for you.

First, a reading of one of my favorite stories from Abundant Gifts, "Eyes of Acceptance."

Second, a reminder that you can download a "gifts journal" from my blog to start to record the gifts God is eager for you to notice.

What better time than Thanksgiving to begin the habit that will, I believe, revolutionize your life?

Get the details here:

Happy Thanksgiving!


P.S. Don't want to hit the stores on "black Friday"? Why not order copies of Abundant Gifts? Just a few clicks and you're done:

I will even personalize, sign it, and wrap it! AND you'll get a free bonus book along with it.


Diane Eble 

author of ABUNDANT GIFTS (New Hope, 2004) Have you unwrapped your gifts yet today?

Open 5 gifts right now and sample the book.

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