AudioAcrobat's Many Uses

  • A Cappella Poetry Recordings
  • Advertising
  • Advice
  • Affiliate Income
  • Announcements
  • Audio Note Taking
  • Audio Tutorials
  • Celebrity Interview Recordings
  • Classes
  • Cloud Music Storage
  • Coaching Session Recordings
  • Conference Call Recordings
  • Demos
  • Events
  • File Delivery
  • Film Trailers
  • Free Newsletter Signup Gifts
  • Fun
  • Fund Raising
  • Greetings
  • How-to
  • Humor
  • Infinite Streaming Playlists
  • Infomercials
  • Introduction
  • Landing Page Audio
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Lectures
  • Music Downloads
  • On-Demand Internet Radio
  • On-Location Interviews
  • Opinions
  • Podcast RSS Feeds
  • Presentations
  • Product Descriptions
  • Promotions
  • Radio IDs
  • Real Estate Listing Previews
  • Sales Page Audio
  • Seminars
  • Statements
  • Support
  • Telephone Interviews
  • Testimonials
  • Training
  • TV Shows
  • Video Trailers
  • Video Tutorials
  • Voicemail
  • Website Welcome Messages
  • Workshops

AudioAcrobat's Many Users

  • Anyone!
  • Ad Agencies 
  • Animators
  • Announcers  
  • Authors
  • Artists
  • Bands
  • Bars
  • Businesses 
  • Clubs
  • Coaches  
  • Critics  
  • DJs
  • Entertainers  
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Event Planners
  • Festivals
  • Filmmakers
  • Journalists
  • Lawyers
  • Managers
  • Marketing Pros  
  • Meeting Planners  
  • Musicians 
  • Music Video Producers
  • Physicians
  • Poets
  • Politicans  
  • Product Developers 
  • Professors
  • Publicists
  • Radio Hosts
  • Radio Producers
  • Real Estate Agents  
  • Reporters
  • Restaurants
  • Sales Professionals
  • Scouts
  • Singers
  • Small Businesses 
  • Speakers
  • Specialists
  • Sports Enthusiasts
  • Stores
  • Teachers  
  • Trade Shows
  • Trainers
  • Venues
  • Video Producers
  • Voice-over Artists 

All you need is a phone or a computer microphone + internet connection to make audio recordings!  Get started today!

  • Use a headset!
  • Use a USB microphone!
  • Use your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or smartphone!
  • Call from home or the office!
  • Connect from anywhere!

Get stared making video recordings with your webcam + internet connection in 3...2...1...

  • Use a webcam to record LIVE!
  • Use a digital camera and upload!
AudioAcrobat works great with:



Google Chrome

What do I need to take advantage of all these features?

  • Internet access, preferably optical fiber, broadband cable or DSL
  • Macintosh (Mac), PC (Windows) or a Linux-based computer
  • Internet browser, preferably Firefox or Internet Explorer, other browsers are supported
  • Flash Player Plugin
  • Phone or Computer Microphone

Would you like to ask our support team any questions?

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What can I do with AudioAcrobat?


  • Can I use AudioAcrobat to record a conference call, interview or coaching session?
    • Yes!  When you first create your AudioAcrobat account you will be given a dial-in number and unique nine (9) digit PIN used to access and record into the AudioAcrobat AudioCenter.  Use together with three-way calling, a service provided by your telephone service provider, to record any telephone conversation you're taking part in for up to four (4) hours -- yes, that's 240 minutes -- per recording!
  • Can I use AudioAcrobat to dictate notes or a lecture?  How about just myself speaking?
    • Yes!  As mentioned above, the use of the AudioAcrobat AudioCenter dial-in number and unique nine (9) digit PIN grants our members access to their phone recording features.  Select the number one (1) key to record a personal recording, each of which can be up to sixty (60) minutes in length.  AudioAcrobat members can also use the Audio Web Recorder to record via the Web using their computer microphone, also for sixty (60) minutes per recording.  We've seen this feature work really well for quick audio production of educational instructions, journalistic field notes, seminars, and tips.  Professors, trainers, scouts and speakers really enjoy this feature! 
  • How can I provide my clients with a phone number to call and leave me a testimonial or feedback on my product or service?
    • Nothing beats the emotion heard within the voice of someone telling you how much they enjoy using your product or service, and AudioAcrobat's Reply Lines provide a way to capture this excitement and make it available to you immediately within your account!  There's no limit as to how many Reply Lines one can create and members can even receive email notifications when new messages are left in their Reply Lines!
  • I'm just getting into video, is there a way I can experiment between using my Webcam and my portable video camera?
    • It is wise to experiment with all of the equipment at your disposal before committing to creating one or more videos, as different cameras will perform differently under different circumstances.  If you'd like to test your Webcam, we recommend checking out our Video Web Recorder.  If you've already shot the video, please feel free to upload your video and compare to what you shot with your Webcam.


  • Can I use AudioAcrobat to place audio on my Website or blog?  Is sending audio by email any easier?
    • Yes and yes, they're both actually really easy!  AudioAcrobat allows you to select from custom Player Themes or Classic AudioAcrobat Players when publishing for the Web.  A piece of HTML code is provided, which is to be copied / pasted into the HTML (source) code of your Website.  If email sounds more favorable, choose 'Publish for Email' and copy / paste the 'Text Only Link' into the message body of your email.  Try emailing yourself to see what your recipient(s) will see -- it's easy and super-cool!
  • What if I don't have a Website?  Can I publish audios on
    • Absolutely -- and even better, you can customize the page your audio resides on using AudioNotes!  Here, you can add graphics, logos and photos or use pre-designed email templates.  When you're ready, you can send directly to your friends, family, business associates, prospects, or whomever you like -- there's no limit, send as many as you like!  Publishing a Campaign Theme provides some alternate options you may like to check out as well!
  • Can I really use AudioAcrobat to create an online radio station?
  • I've heard a lot of people use AudioAcrobat for Podcasting.  What's up with that?
    • You are correct.  AudioAcrobat provides one of the most powerful Podcasting solutions out there today!  Podcasts are useful because, similar to blogs, they use RSS (Real Simple Syndication) Feeds as the primary method of delivering an audio and video to the subscriber.  Create your radio or video Podcast show and start posting episodes, or 'posts', enable auto-syndication to 15+ directories and submit your RSS Feed URL to iTunes -- watch as your audience grows!
  • AudioAcrobat just released new video players too, right?
    • Yes we did!  Our new players are built using Player Themes, now have a 'Fullscreen' button and truly empower members through custom branding and clickable links within the player!  The new version of AudioAcrobat players are also quite smart, being that they switch from Flash to HTML5 when accessed on an iOS device like the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch for smooth, uninterrupted playback.
  • I like to tweet -- a lot!  Can I tweet anything from within my AudioAcrobat account?
    • Absolutely -- and there's Facebook, Stumbleupon and other popular social networks to choose from as well!  Choose the Social Share option when publishing an Audio, Video or Playlist and share directly to your social network of choice!  Create a Campaign Theme and let your viewers share too!


  • I've already produced my audios and videos.  Can I upload what I've already created?
    • Absolutely!  AudioAcrobat allows for both audio and video uploads up to 256MB in size in a variety of formats!  Several popular audio formats we accept are MP3, WAV and AIFF; and a couple acceptable popular video formats are MOV and MP4.  There are many other file formats which can be uploaded as well.  Also, if you have any custom graphics, images or photos stored on your computer's hard drive ... these can be uploaded to your AudioNotes or Campaign Themes for further customization!
  • My files are all larger than 256MB.  Does this mean I won't be able to upload them?
    • While the largest file that can currently be uploaded to AudioAcrobat is 256MB in size, we've got some tricks up our sleeves to help you get your files down to size!  First, if you have a lossless audio file such as WAV or AIFF, chances are that if it is longer than an hour, the 256MB size limit has been reached.  A simple conversion to MP3 before uploading will reduce the file size to anywhere between seven (7) to twenty (20) times that of the original.  If you have an HD video file, even a very short one, chances are it is nearing the size limit as well.  Here, access to video editing or conversion software is a big help.  A simple re-encode to a smaller resolution will drastically reduce the file size in preparation for streaming. 


  • Will I be able to download any recordings I've made into my AudioAcrobat account?
    • Yes!  All AudioAcrobat members off the 30-Day Free Trial have the ability to download their audio recordings as MP3 files!  Video downloads (MOV format) and MP3 Download Links are also enabled upon activation off the Free Trial!
  • What is an 'MP3 Download Link'?  Is there one for video too?
    • MP3 Download Links allow AudioAcrobat members to send, share and sell MP3 files to anyone of their choice, allowing their recipient the ability to save the MP3 file to their computer's hard drive.  Here, the file can be edited, burned to disk or transferred to mobile devices (iPod Touch), smartphones (iPhone, Android), tablets (iPad, Galaxy Tab), etc.  One cool thing to mention about MP3 Download Links is that when an Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) user clicks on an MP3 Download Link, the audio is automatically streamed using QuickTime as opposed to being saved to their device.  The same works for sending, sharing and selling video (MOV) files as well!


  • What powers AudioAcrobat's players?  Do my listeners have to install anything?
    • AudioAcrobat players are powered by Flash technology, which is already installed on 99% of internet-enabled desktops in mature markets and virtually every internet browser.  There are exceptions however.  If an Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) user loads an AudioAcrobat Player published using Player Themes, the mobile Safari browser will display an HTML5 player instead of Flash, thus allowing every iOS user, everywhere in the world, to consume your audio and video -- with nothing to install and no hassle!
  • I'd like to place a different audio on my Website every morning.  Is this difficult?
    • Not in the slightest!  If you've already published the AudioAcrobat HTML code to your website for a Player Theme or Classic Player, you can use the Replace Audio function to automatically update this and any other player set to play the audio you're replacing!  Choose to replace your audio by phone, computer microphone or by upload and AudioAcrobat will make sure anyone listening gets the new audio instantly!
  • How can I tell if my audio and video files are getting the traffic I thought they were?
    • AudioAcrobat provides useful statistics on # of playsplays to completiontotal playtimeaverage playtime and more!  We understand the need to know if listeners are hearing what we have to say!  These stats can then be used to tweak formats and give audiences what they really want most!

Super Support

  • I have a support question that I couldn't find on the Website.  What can I do?
  • I called this weekend and left a voice message.  When will you get back to me?
    • Admittedly, our support team isn't the largest in the world, yet it is very strong -- out of necessity -- as customer support is what we pride ourselves on most here at AudioAcrobat.  If for any reason we're not able to take your call immediately, or if you've called outside of our normal office hours, please leave us a detailed message so that we may begin working to assist you as fast as humanly possible.  If you leave a voice message late on Friday evening, chances are that, unless the world completely blows up, you can expect a call-back on Monday morning (Pacific time).  Any messages left during normal office hours are generally returned that same day.  For our members overseas and in the Eastern time zone, it is helpful to know that AudioAcrobat is based in Reno, NV and operates in the confines of the Pacific Time Zone.  Night-owl East Coast folks get an added benefit of our offices being open until 8PM Eastern!

FREE Trial

  • Are there anything restrictions during the 30-Day Free Trial?
    • The only restrictions members will find during the 30-Day Free Trial is that the ability to download and send download links has been disabled.  However, any recordings made during the trial period can be downloaded and sent as download links as soon as the member activates their account off the trial!

Try it yourself for 30 days at No Risk!